Apr 22, 2014

Bubble Art, tips and tricks!

I spent the weekend with my sister and she mentioned seeing something about bubble art recently. I never thought I'd ever make bubble art, mainly because I never had food dye and never need it, so why should I buy some for one project?

We went to the dollar store and got 2 packages of 3 containers of bubbles and a thing of different sized bubble wands. $3 for the whole project, since she had the dye and paper already! Also, it was the day after Easter, so I'm sure that there were at least egg dyes at the dollar store if not regular food dye.

So here's the results! These are only my 2, but they are the same color scheme as my sisters:

Aren't they pretty? I cut a heart out of the cardboard on the back of the extra wands, then cutout the cutout (if that makes sense, it's the hearts outline).

NOW. We had an issue while doing this: The bubbles hate the color white and will do anything not to land on it!!! So basically, we would blow some bubbles and then try to catch them on the wand, and then basically place them on the paper. If you press down gently and then keep still, then lift up a bit and keep still, you can make rings of color. You can see on the bottom of the green and blue one a blue bubble with another blue bubble inside of it. So when you place the bubble on the paper, press down so that it spreads wider, then lift up so that the bubble tries to come off the paper with the wand and it gets skinnier. That's how we made the multiple rings.

Right next to that double bubble on the green and blue picture, there's a bubble with some purple in it. I can also explain how to do that! We each had a wand, and I would dip mine in the blue and then NOT blow a bubble. My sister would dip her wand in the purple and blow bubbles and I would catch them with my wand. Basically there's extra dye and liquid from my wand and it all goes to the bottom of the bubble. I place it on the paper and extra dye lands first with a little bit of purple from my sisters wand, and more blue from mine since I didn't blow any bubbles.

Anyways, pretty cool huh? I thought I'd just share some of the tricks we learned while making our pretty pieces of art.