Feb 28, 2013

Food inspirations

As you all know, I'm not much of a cook, but I really do have fun making SOME food... It's just one of those crafts that don't seem as fulfilling. You spend hours making something, for your kids to say they don't like it, and everyone else eats it all in 20 minutes.

Baking, on the other hand... There always seems to be leftovers. When I make my 9x13 lasagna pan full of baked mac and cheese, it feeds 2 people for 4 days. My pretzels lasted until today. Cookies last for days. So do cupcakes. At least in my family. Even with the little brothers who will eat anything sugary before turning to REAL food.

But, I still plan to be a wife and a mother one day, and to be a successful one (in my eyes) I need to learn how to cook. So, why not try making the more fun things first? Maybe I will start to think it's more fun.

Here are some things that I've been wanting to try.

Buttery Soft Pretzels ... Yeah, I still want the buttery ones. 

Homemade Crunchwrap Supreme
Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms
Stuffed Potato Skins

This all may not be the healthiest of things, but it's not like I'm going to make these all in 1 day! What's hard is that this is all... Baked stuff. How am I ever going to get into actual cooking!??

Feb 26, 2013

Pajama Pants!

Okay so here's the deal: I didn't take a picture until they were already on and I'm not taking them off until tomorrow morning. So here's the picture you get right now.

Wait, let me text it to my email first, since all I got now is a camera phone...

Wait for it...

Okay it should be there now. Let me go get it for you.

So CUTE! Baby animals ^^ It's fleece, leftovers from a blanket my BF got the fabric for me to make. There wasn't quite enough so I used some OTHER left overs and made side panels, the waist band, and some extra length down there at the bottom hem. They're a little short, but I usually end up pulling the legs up during the night because I get hot. 

Anyways, there you go... I said I was going to post them today and I already posted about pretzels... 

Pretzels and Camera dying.

Well, I just tried taking a picture and my camera won't turn on. The camera is 5 years old, but I didn't use it very much. It was actually a horrible choice of camera, simply because of the way it ate batteries. Those batteries never had a chance with that thing. I'm going to try to resurrect it, but honestly, I was never much of a picture taker. The biggest problem is that I want to try selling things online soon, and I even made myself a nice little light box, but I don't have a job and I don't think a new camera is a good way to spend my little amount of money. In fact I don't think I can afford a new one anyways, and I am not the type of person to buy used electronics.

Anyways, I wanted to post about my Pretzels that I made, and take a picture of them because they turned out nice looking, and I did manage to get a pretty good one with my phone. Nice sunlight catching the pretzels.

I mostly followed this recipe, mainly because all we had was cake flour and whole wheat flour, and although they look pretty good, I can't say I'm a big fan of whole wheat pretzels. I added about 1/4 a cup of milk halfway through, then a little bit of butter, and then ended up adding about a whole 'nother cup of whole wheat flour to make it stop being sticky. Other than that I followed the recipe, even using coarse sea salt, because that was what we have out on the counter.

I wanted to make cheese sauce for them, but we don't have any chedder cheese, so instead I made some honey mustard dipping sauce. I took a heaping big spoonful of mayo, a level big spoonful of yellow mustard, and about the same amount of honey as the mustard, and mixed it together. It tastes pretty good, but after a while it seemed too sweet. Maybe a little more mustard?

I made 9 pretzels with the extra cup of whole wheat flour added in. Next time, I hope to make some that taste more like mall pretzels and use white flour. and make cheese sauce. Because I think that was what I really wanted when I started making these, just something to dip into cheese. I like cheese. Especially cheese sauce.

Feb 25, 2013

Quick & Easy Potato Wedges

Just wanted to share a delicious recipe I figured out sort of recently.

For 1 person, I usually use 3 red potatoes, one big and two small, but you can also use 2 of a medium size if you don't eat as much.

Cut the potatoes in half. Then cut each half into quarters (wedge shaped), then cut the wedges in half short ways, so they are each half a wedge. Look at the picture below for some help with that description...

Put it all on a plate, then drizzle olive oil over them. Add seasonings, I add pepper, salt, cavenders all purpose spice, and garlic powder.

Mix them around with your hands. Then make sure they are all right side up with the skin down on the plate, then microwave for 8 minutes.

For fry sauce, mix together an equal amount of mayo and ketchup.

Quick and easy! Plus delicious!

Also, I guess it WAS Sunday 2 hours ago, so here goes my 4 happys:

  1. I wore my new corset with a tutu I made a long time ago and they look AWESOME together! 
  2. I had Terriyaki for breakfast. 
  3. I have a great book to read. 
  4. Potato Wedges are amazing. 

Feb 23, 2013

Hair Chalking

JUST found out about something called hair chalking. Basically, you get your hair wet, rub chalk down it, then run it through your flat iron/curling iron, and you have some instant temporary color! I'm not sure how easily it washes out yet, since I've only found this cool tutorial on how to do it so far, but I think I'm going to do a little bit more research to see if there are any risks on putting chalk in your hair. It looks like you need to make sure it doesn't have any oil or wax in it, but other than that, it sounds just fine.

I just read some other thing that it may dry out your hair if you do it often, but I personally would save it for special occasions or going out. Which, going out is a special occasion anyways!

I wish I had found out about hair chalking before Radcon, but, there's always next year! Plus, the Renaissance Faire, and summer bonfires... and summer in general!

Anyways, just wanted to pass this along so anybody else who hasn't heard of hair chalking knows about it now! I'm definitely trying it soon! I have an old hair straightener that I don't use much to use for it too!

Feb 22, 2013

Buttery Soft Pretzels? Yes Please!!

So, while looking around the internets, as I do, I stumbled across some soft pretzel recipes. I am really new to the world of cooking things besides ramen and grilled cheese, so I have been trying to find some fun recipes to try out. I'm really proud of my Baked Macaroni and Cheese, even though it's uber simple to make, and my BFs mother taught me how to make the families famous Broccoli Casserole, so I'm starting to get there.

You might notice that most all the things I can do are baked, but I feel safer baking than cooking on a stove top. However, I made myself cook up some chicken the other day! It was a leftover breast we didn't use for dinner the other day and it was sitting in the fridge, so I decided why not? Let's just throw this in the frying pan and see what happens.

I had to immediately add olive oil as the chicken just instantly melded with the pan, then after 10 minutes decided to just cut it up in chunks to cook faster, but it didn't burn and I'm still happy.

Well, I've decided I'm going to try to make big soft pretzels. I'm thinking about using this recipe here, but it isn't the first one I found and I might make adjustments as I see fit. Buttery pretzels sound amazing though, don't they?

Here's how I hope they turn out looking:

In fact, maybe I should go with the recipe that made those pretzels

Feb 20, 2013

Facebook Page!

I JUST made a facebook page for D.I.Y. Daily! Please go check it out! It's right here.

Feb 19, 2013

52 Weeks of Happiness and other stuff.

Whoops! I missed my Happiness day, which I've decided will be Sunday. Here's my happy:

  1. My sister came over! 
  2. I got people discounts on corsets! 
  3. I got a new corset myself! 
  4. Food. 
Yes, just food. Not a specific kind of  food. Just food. Because when you wake up, take a nice long shower, and eat something, you just feel fantastic! Clean, awake, full....

Anyways. Radcon was awesome. Even more awesome because my sister came this year! I feel like I didn't get to see all of the vendors... I know I definitely didn't get to look at some of them because the amount of people in the room was just too much.

Some of my favorite vendors were there again this year, and I really hope that I can be a vendor myself there one day. I love buying things from a few select people, and telling them so, because it gives them such a boost of confidence. Damsel in This Dress is run by an amazing woman, and I really try to get every girl I know to buy from her. Once you try on one of her corsets, you're usually done. You just NEED one. That happened to my sister this year. I wasn't sure if she was going to buy a corset but she found the perfect one! Of course, I now have 3, but that really means I have 6 because they're pretty much reversible!

There was another vendor selling corsets this year, the type that lace in the back and hook together in the front. Damsel in this Dress has ones that lace in the front. The 2 types of corsets give completely different shapes to your body though! It's very interesting to see the difference.

Another vendor I love to see is a girl who is in the midst of creating her comic series Story of the Door, the first of which is called Toilet Genie. However, I am more interested in her art. She sells prints (and paintings) and this year pillows and bags with art, a lot of which is MLP and Pokemon fan art, among other movies and such. I now have 3 postcard prints, and one bigger print that I got because I think she's awesome and I also plan to be living in an apartment ASAP, and it would be awesome to have some of her art to hang. She signed it, which made me quite happy, I thought it was funny that she asked if she SHOULD sign it, because of course she should! My BF and I paused before saying "yes" at the same exact time, because it was like, "What? Are you really asking if you should sign your own art? Of course you should!"

There are some other vendors I always buy from, others I buy from every OTHER year somehow, and some that only showed up for one year and never came back. The 2 I talked about above came last year for the first time (as vendors at least) and I was happy to see them again this year. I'm also very happy that I didn't opt to NOT pre-register this year because my BF didn't because of his job. It's a good thing he didn't pay though, because he ended up working his butt off the past 2 weeks without a single day off! He was much too exhausted in the time between shifts this weekend to get $35 worth of time at Radcon.

When I get pictures, I will post them up; I didn't take any myself as my camera just eats batteries and I feel like it's useless to use it sometimes...

Feb 17, 2013

Radcon 6a

Just a quick note before bed: Radcon is super awesommme!!! Here's a picture of my and my sister (I'm on the right)

Loverly bra straps I'm showing there! Anyways, on to bed, then to get up and go straight back for the last half a day! I might get another corset tomorrow! Hopefully one that matches my green bustle skirt. 

Feb 14, 2013

How I REALLY made the Mac and Cheese

So, here's the REAL recipe and not just me guessing, haha!

 1 lb Shell Pasta
5 Cups Milk
6 TBS Flour
16 Oz. Shredded Velveeta Cheese
1 Package "Lil smokies"
Bread Crumbs

Anyways. If you look at the recipe I wrote down before, it's like half of this plus slightly wrong. I'll make a note on that post. Although I bet it tastes just fine.

 Cook the pasta. Drain. Put into lasagna dish. Cut Lil Smokies into 3rds, mix in with pasta.

 Heat milk. Add flour and make sure it's mixed in well. Slowly add the cheese and stir until it's all melted. You will need a pig sauce pan... The picture below is only 3 cups of milk. The sauce will turn orangey when the cheese is melted. Sorry about forgetting to take a picture.

 Pour the cheese sauce into the pasta... It should just about cover the pasta. If you're worried about this bubbling over the edges, go ahead and put a cookie sheet underneath the dish in the oven, which you probably should have preheated a while ago to 350 degrees F. Bake for a half hour.

Here's what the boyfriend contributed: (Raw)

Now cooked: (Forgot to take a picture before I started cutting the leftovers up to fit into a tiny tupperware)

and here is the Mac and Cheese baked:

The picture doesn't do it justice.

Anyways, there you goo.... I warn you, while you're making the cheese sauce, it doesn't really look or taste good... But it's freakin' delicious after it's all finished! You will have a hard time to stop eating! We are all full... Literally, our stomachs are maxed out... and we keep wanting one more bite!

My BF also made sausage, but it was still cooking when I was taking the pictures. I also wanted to post a picture of me in my apron I made yesterday, but he's asleep now! Full bellies do that to you!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Feb 13, 2013

Blog Button

Just made a blog button via picmonkey.com ...


<a href="http://diydailycrafts.blogspot.com/"><img border="0" src="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-a8oMNkO2340/URx0VO5K2gI/AAAAAAAAAOs/HBpmTIM6UgA/s1600/DIYDAILYBUTTON.jpg" /></a></center>

Wrist Purses!


I am at my dad's and even though that means dealing with little brothers, it also means I have access to all of my sewing stuff! Including my brand new Singer Simple 3232!!

It's a lovely machine, compared to the old Kenmore of my stepmothers that I have used in the past. Hers requires manually inserting a different object into the machine every time you want to do a different stitch and half the time it doesn't it know you have something in there... Whilst mine has a dial to turn to magically do whatever stitch you want! That it's capable of anyways. It has like 32 different stitches, though, so I'm happy.

Anyways, on to what I actually MADE... I currently only have crappy cell phone pictures because I left my camera at my BFs moms house, but here they are!


Aaaand #2: 

No pictures of them open, but the flaps open up and there's a pocket on the inside. These are both not... well made... The pocket is literally just cut open. No reinforcement. Just a hole. However, I added snap buttons, which I have had forever and didn't have the brains to realize that they indeed came with both the front and back part of the button, and then managed to machine sew the velcro closures onto the back. 

I am amazed that I managed to sew velcro on with the machine. What I did, though, was use my zipper foot, then just sewed on the very outside where there wasn't any hooks or loops. Worked like a dream! My needle didn't break either!

The green purse is for my friend, whose birthday was in January and I didn't have anything for her then. I was all excited about getting my sewing machine at that time so she told me to sew her something. I posted it on facebook for her to see and so far she is really happy with it... I guess my color choice was pretty good, considering what choices I DO have here in my room. I also kind of wanted to do a test run first before doing my own, so hers was the test run! However, hers looks much better than mine.

The second one is mine, and it's made out of super thick stretchy fabric. My. Machine. Hates me. It would almost get stuck in the fabric, and it had a hard time going through it. But it lived, and it still didn't break...

That was all last night. They each took me about 1 hour to do. Today, I made myself an apron! I don't have pictures yet, but I know I will be wearing it tomorrow so you will have to wait until then to see it. I also made heart shaped Reese's for my boyfriend for tomorrow... Valentine's day! I got a mold for chocolate from Micheals, and it's amazing. After putting the chocolate into the freezer, just tipping the mold over was enough for most of them to fall right out! No need for cooking spray or anything! However, the mold is only made for chocolate candies, and nothing else. Although, maybe I could make jello in it...

This weekend is Radcon! Which is what I made both Wrist Purses for. I can't wait! So excited!

Feb 11, 2013

What!? FOLLOWERS?!?!?

Now that I KNOW people are reading my blog, it suddenly became a lot more intimidating keeping to what I actually want to blog about! My boyfriend is talking about getting an apartment without waiting for me to find a job, if this happens, there will be an explosion of crafts to be posted about! The reason I don't craft very much here at his mothers is because she has 2 dogs that think that anything is food. Hence, anything and everything is at least slobbered AND chewed on, but I have had many crafts actually digested by these dogs! Imagine having to pick up poop and finding things you've made out in the yard!

For a while, things were also chewed on by mice. That was worse, because those holes aren't as easy to fix... My boyfriends mother decided to put poison blocks around the house because she was afraid the dogs would get hurt by traps... Of course she managed to find places to put the blocks were it was impossible for the dogs to get to them, but the blocks literally took 2 weeks to kill a tiny little mouse! My boyfriend finally bought REAL traps and we caught the last 2 mice within 2 nights, after MONTHS of having them chew on our Ramen and corn bags. (You know, like rice bags... microwave them, they stay warm for a while.)

Anyways, what I randomly felt like talking about were these traps... We got the regular wooden traps that snap down, the sticky traps, then we got some plastic traps. They snap down on the mice like the old wooden ones, but they're super easy to set, and if they snap down on your fingers, it doesn't hurt very much. However, it kills the mice! We caught one in one of these traps and it was definitely dead! I think that these traps should be the more popular ones from now on, simply because they work so well and have less of a chance at hurting other animals and kids.

You just press the back of it down... and then it stays open until something touches the metal rod in the middle (you can see it in the trap in the back... It's black.) Just put some peanut butter on the rod! You can just hold onto the back of the trap in order to keep it open.

This is like, a completely random review of a product, haha, but honestly I would prefer to just have my cat chase them out of the house. However, because of the dogs here, and the possibility that the remaining mice might have already eaten the poison blocks, I decided not to suggest bringing my cat over. Plus, she's never actually dealt with mice, so, I'm not sure if she would even manage to help. So, we got traps. I think that these traps are better than poisoning mice so that they die IN YOUR WALLS...

I'm not a believer of humane traps for mice. Unless we're going to drive out of our way every day we catch some to let them out somewhere else... and we can't afford that. I don't drive, my boyfriend does, but his job has him driving out to the next STATE at least 5 times a week. His job doesn't pay him for gas unless it takes him an hour to get where he is going. Then he is called in to do other jobs that he was not originally scheduled for. Last night he was in a bar celebrating our close friends 21st birthday, and he got called in to do a 12 hour shift. He came home, got an hour long nap, then went to work after being awake since his LAST shift...

There I go ranting again!

Anyways, tomorrow and the next day I should be at my dad's house, where I plan to make some kind of a wrist purse thing, based off of these below:

The girl who made them hasn't posted a tutorial and I checked her profile and it looks like she sells them, but all of her websites are in different languages (Seriously, her blog is in Spanish and her Etsy like web shop is in French!) and they are priced in pounds, like she is in England, plusI don't have the money to spend so I am going to make my own sort of purse thing based on hers. I'm thinking about adding a little loop of elastic to go around one of my fingers like a ring so it's a little more secure, but I just need something out of the way to hold money. 

The reason being, I am going to Radcon this weekend! It's a sci-fi/fantasy convention, there's all kinds of panels to go to and shops and such, and it's in a hotel so plenty of people have rooms to party in (Not that I go to those... I'm still underage and I don't like alcohol anyways). There's a "rave" to go to and there are tons of people who also use the con as an excuse to do some crazy hallucinogens, so it's interesting to see the people and their costumes. There's a group of people who have amazing stormtrooper costumes who go every year, I know a guy who dresses up as spiderman, there's a deadpool sometimes. Last year there was a couple of people in amazing Sephiroth and Cloud costumes, and plenty of my friends have some awesome costumes too. I usually dress as a pirate, however I got a new corset that doesn't really go with anything else but it's green and it came with an ammo belt, so I figure one of the days I'll go as a "survivor" of something. Like a general apocalypse.

Anyways! Enough talking, more planning!

Feb 10, 2013

52 Weeks of Happiness

So I just learned about something called 52 Weeks of Happiness. Basically, every week you post 4 pictures of things that made you happy in the last 7 days. It's a little late to start, but I think I am going to try to do this.

I know that my last post ended up becoming something of a rant, and I apologize for that, as I hoped for this blog to be more about crafting. The thing is, I am (a) Not staying at my dad's house, therefore am not encouraged to make things as I would be while sitting around in my room between applying for jobs, and (b) Horrible at taking pictures! I have a nice camera, but I forget about it. It also eats batteries if I leave them in it, so I have to put the batteries in, take pictures, upload them, then remember to immediately take the batteries out. Whenever I let someone borrow my camera it always comes back with dead batteries, because people tend to just leave the camera on or forget to turn it off after uploading. I'm not sure why it's such a battery devour-er  but it really pisses me off that I ended up with a nice camera that has such a drawback to using it. Otherwise I might have gotten more into the habit of taking pictures, and then I would have all these pictures. You know, of my life in general. I would like to have more pictures to show people in the future, for example my children.

So, some of the pictures might not be taken by me, but the things that might be worthy of being the 4 things that made me happy that I'll post about will most likely be blogs I found, patterns/tutorials I found, or food. My boyfriend refuses to have pictures taken of him while he is as fat as he is, so it's not like I'm going to be able to get pictures of us on Valentine's Day.

In fact, I might not even post pictures. You know what? If I CAN get pictures I will, but if I can't, I will just list off things that made me happy. Because it's a good thing to do. I think that if you write down a few things that made you happy every day, you'll start to have a better outlook on life. I certainly could use that!

Since today is Sunday, and technically it's the beginning of the week, I will write down 4 things that's made me happy now:

1. I'm MOSTLY not sick anymore! I didn't blog about it, but I had the flu!
2.My boyfriend got over the flu MUCH faster than I did! Plus he didn't get it from me!
3. I found an old friend and had a nice, long talk with him. It got a little emotional, well a LOT emotional, but I'm still really happy about it! I wish I had a picture to share with this one, but I won't see him until next week. Even then, he might get called in to work...
4. I found a new blog to start following!

Feb 9, 2013

How NOT to make potato chips.

So earlier today I decided to follow the instructions I found on multiple sites on how to make homemade potato chips.

I am very glad I only used 1 small potato. Being just out of my teens and never have had the chance to learn how to cook, I used the microwave. This was how all of these tutorials made them anyways, but I always feel like the microwave is just going to give bad results with anything that can be made in another fashion. I read that in order for the chips to be crispy, you have to microwave them until they are browned. I did not read anything about soaking the chips in cold water before microwaving to soak up all the starch.

So, I tried my browned chips and they were burnt. They were disgusting. They had too much salt.

Next time, I'll try the soak in the cold water. If it doesn't work, OMG. Thanks internet for the crap tutorials, but I'll be moving on to using the oven.

Since I'm 20 now and most of my diet consists of ramen noodles, deli meat wrapped in tortillas, and sauteed mushrooms, I've decided that I should start trying to learn how to cook more. I still burn things like grilled cheese, and bacon, but you know, my dad decided at the last moment that I was going to move to another state with him instead of staying with my alcoholic mom, and his new wife didn't really try to be a mother to me. She had her first children with him, so I don't blame her for not doing much more than feeding me and buying me clothes and getting me to brush my teeth. She didn't know how to deal with a 9 year old. I got really depressed after moving and they decided to not get me to do chores around the house, so basically, I'm a woman who doesn't know how to take care of a family or a house.

I'm not trying to rant, or to throw myself a pity party, but what I am trying to do is say that I'm not happy with how I was raised. Plenty of kids would have thought they had the coolest parents ever, but I feel more like I was neglected in the worst way possible. I didn't know how to clean a toilet, or the necessity of cleaning the microwave until I moved in with my big sister for a while. SHE grew up with our mom, who actually cared about teaching us such things. My stepmother, however, doesn't seem to know how to clean things herself. I don't really live with my dad and stepmom anymore but she still refuses to clean "my" bathroom, even though my brothers use it much more often than I do. The toilet is disgusting! The shower walls are permanently stained yellow and gray. I personally feel like she has nothing to be on my back about, because I am trying really hard to find a job, and to at least start learning to cook by myself, and I clean the house here... When I'm told to at least. She has a part time job and lazes about the house EVERY day... My dad has recently taken to asking her if she plans on doing anything after dinner, then gives examples such as mopping, or doing the dishes, or doing laundry...

I really want to be a better stereotypical "woman". I want to cook good meals for my boyfriend, I want a nice house, I want a good job... and I hope that I can do that on my own. I know for a fact that if I had continued living with my mom, even if she IS an alcoholic, I would know a lot more. In fact, I probably would have had a job for the past 4 years and I might be married, because I would be living in North Dakota and my other friend and my family who live there seem to all be married at this age already!

Feb 7, 2013

New purse!

I actually made something the other day!

While I was doing an internship at Blue Mountain Wildlife, I noticed the other interns purse looked like a miniature messenger bag. I make my own purses, but up until now they've all been made out of t shirts and hand sewn and would fall apart quite easily. Now that I have a sewing machine, however, nothing can stop me from having a bag that doesn't fall apart!

I don't have pictures of the rough pattern I sketched of the other interns purse, but basically it was a bag with 2 deep pockets attached to the front and hidden behind a flap that came from the back and fell over the top of the bag. There were several other pockets as well, that were pretty much hidden. I only found them because I asked the other girl if I could look at her bag!

I cut out the main part of the bag and sewed it together immediately  so I didn't get to add the pockets on the front like I wanted. I picked a zipper out of another bag and added it to this one though, and it isn't exactly pretty but I'm still happy with the way it turned out. It's made from upholstery fabric and left over bits of lace and cotton.

Well, here it is:

Right now the velcro is barely attached, I might as well go back and do a better job of sewing those on. The straps on the flap are also not that pretty... Might as well go back and fix those too! But I'm proud of it, and it's the first thing I've really taken the time and sewn on my machine so far, and I'm happy of the way it turned out. I can deal with all of my wiggly seams! 

Feb 2, 2013

The BF's Valentine

My boyfriend loves old world maps. Well, anytime I ever find them they're expensive, mostly because they're in a giant picture frame. Then I found a tiny book of scrapbook paper with some maps and other travel-y stuff in it. So here's what I did:

Yes, the smaller hearts are supposed to look like pasties. Because the top of a heart looks like boobs. I painted the inside brown so it will look like a nicer box than it really is. You know, more like Mahogany. 

Anyways, inside the box are 2 tiny bottles of Irish Whiskey, which I hope to combine with 2 different types of gourmet hot chocolate, if I can find them at the grocery store, which has been moving everything around recently. Also in the box are Love Coupons! 

We laugh at most of the ideas for Love Coupons, so I figured I should try to make some for him simply because it would be a challenge. I've already wrapped them up, so I will try to remember to take pictures of them later to post for you guys. I printed them off then glued them to the middle of some scraps of the scrapbook paper that's covering the box. Each piece of paper had a different design on each side. 

On Valentine's Day or the day before I plan on making him homemade heart shaped Reese's pieces. I got a heart shaped mold that's made for making chocolate candy. I've learned that buying chocolate candy melts at a craft store is MUCH cheaper than buying them at the grocery store! They taste just the same, too... I think. 

Here is my list of Love Coupons, things that I think he will appreciate more than other ones: 

©       Sweets for my Sweetie: I will make or buy your craving ASAP when presented with this coupon.
©       Ice Cream on Me: I will buy you ice cream.
©       Movie and Popcorn: A movie out, all on me.
©       GOOD Homemade Dinner: You must have an idea of what you want for dinner, but I will make everything except meat (Excluding sausage or bacon).
©       Picnic Planned by me: When you present this coupon, I will plan out a picnic to be enjoyed wherever you wish.
©       Chocolate Covered Fruit: Your choice of fruit, I will dip them all in fruit for you (excludes bigger fruit (such as watermelon) or fruits that wouldn't dip well (citrus fruits for example).
©       Craft Made ASAP: Any feasible and not extremely complicated craft you want made ASAP.
©       Dress me up: I will wear an outfit of your choice for up to a day (From dressing up to going to bed).
©       Bonus: Your choice: Anything you can think of that I’m being difficult with, go ahead and use this coupon for a realistic cooperation on my part. 

I decided to have some of them reusable  like the Sweets for my sweetie (unlimited), Ice Cream on Me (3 time use) and Craft Made ASAP (3 time use). The rest are 1 use only. Anyways...

Go ahead and use any of my ideas! That's why I post them! =)