Sep 30, 2013


I completely forgot to mention this in the last post, but I'm in "prepper mode" and decided to gather up some acorns and work on making them taste palatable. Acorns have tannic acid in them, which you have to either boil or cold water leach it out. You're supposed to leave them in cold running water, under the tap or in a river but I can't leave the water running for hours, so I've been soaking them for DAYS and they still taste bitter, so I'm going to boil them once the rest of the acorns I gathered are ripe enough. 

I have pictures, so I will explain it all when the process is done so I can post pictures of it all. If you want to try it yourself this year, I suggest googling it NOW because you'll have to gather them in the next week or so before the squirrels carry them all off and they stop falling! 

Sep 28, 2013


Sorry for the long absence! I haven't been crafting, like at ALL for a while because my BF worked for a month straight with no days off and when his schedule went back to normal all I did was stay with him. All I've been doing in the craft department is look up projects for xmas, and! (More exciting): A bachelorette party that I'm throwing for my friend!

I'm pretty sure that all the bridesmaids are supposed to be helping plan, but I'm doing this mostly on my own. I don't mind, because I always go above and beyond for parties. At least, on the smallest possible budget that I can. Once I get a job, my parties will be infinitely better!

This party however, will not be at my house, so I'm not bothering with decor or music. I am going to do party favors, because that is a MUST in my book, especially for specific parties (i.e. bachelorette party, graduation party, ect. not birthday parties though).

The bachelorette wants everyone to have garters! So I'm making those. Hopefully I'll get some in progress pics for you guys. I'm also making corsages, because I have a lot of silk flowers to use up. I also have a TON of feathers, so those will go into anything I can get them into.

I'm also going to draw up a "Pin the Junk on the Hunk" poster and "Junk" for a fun game! 

My BF is throwing the bachelor's party hopefully the same night as our bach party but all the girls are going to come home will all kinds of pretty things to show off and the guys will be jealous! That's my favorite part of all this crafty work!

Anyways, just an update. I've got to get to work! I'll work on getting you pictures. Sorry again for the long absence!