Dec 28, 2012

Sewing Machine!!!!

My dad only could afford to give me a $50 gift card to Joannes this year, but I also got a $25 gift card from the BF's mother and had several prepaid visa cards with a little money left on each of them, so I was able to get myself a sewing machine! The receipt is about 18 inches long because of how many cards I used!

I got a Singer Simple 3232, it was a little more expensive than I was planning on but the other choice didn't have as many accessories or stitch options. Joannes was having a huge sale on all sewing machines after xmas anways!

I have forgotten my camera yet again, so I can't show you all of my xmas goodies, but that isn't what this blog is about anyways. I was hoping to get a picture of a wire tree earring holder that I made and to write up a tutorial though, but I can still do that as it was my stepmother who got the tree. I found these perfect leaf beads at Craft Warehouse in colors I knew she would like, some of them were even gold. There were in piles on a table, where you pick out beads and stuff as many as you can in a container, and the leaf beads were mixed in with lots of other beads. There were tons of little arm beads mixed in... From below the elbow to the hand. They were really creepy!

So far it seems as though everybody "loved" my gifts, which were mainly cup sleeves and mug rugs. I hope to make more, now that I have a sewing machine that has a 1-step buttonholer, that are reversible. I can add a button hole right next to the button, then you can put the button through the hole right next to it and it's on the other side of the sleeve!

I am planning more articles for this blog, including health and d.i.y. beauty tips, reviews of products and events, lots of craft related things (obviously), things I am passionate about and crafts related to those, awareness posts, and other stuffs. I hope to flesh this blog out a little more instead of just posting about how excited I am about getting a sewing machine and stuff like that. I want it to be interesting enough to read more than just one post!

Dec 26, 2012

Christmas Decorations - Mini Trees

I don't know what all people usually like for xmas decorations, however I (and my stepmom) like christmas trees. I don't mean the giant real tree to put ornaments on, I mean miniature ones! 

Here are a few of my favorites. (Not all are tutorials though.)


My stepmother has pretty tree candles, and other store bought decorations. Now that I have found all of THESE the day after Christmas, I will make sure she has more for next year! 

Happy Suggestions

My boyfriend loves snickerdoodles. Who doesn't? Some years ago, he improved on them though. By adding honey! I highly suggest this "improvement" to anyone, however, if you do, the cookies will be incredibly soft, pliant, and thin. They are so delicious though, that it definitely makes up for it!

The other new thing I tried was making giant Reese's cups. They turned out well... Just take some candy making chocolate (idk what it's called, but it's made for melting and making your own candy) and melt it. Put it into cupcake liners (while they are in a cupcake pan to keep their shape) and line the sides with chocolate. Wait until they are hard, then put Reese's peanut butter in the middle, then cover the top with more melted chocolate. It's actually really easy, but time consuming. I made peanut butter fudge for the filling instead, and put gram cracker crumbs on top of the peanut butter.

Other than that, I had a happy Christmas. It finally snowed today!! I also was able to open my black friday grab bag from Damsel in this Dress, as it was my boyfriends present to me. I got a light green velvety corset, along with a green mini bustle skirt, a pointed fairy skirt, a pirate blouse, and an ammo belt. I am very happy! Although now I need to think up a good outfit to go with the corset to wear to events.

I also got a cow patterned foot massager thing from a white elephant gift exchange, a candle, a pair of earrings, a pretty box, a scarf, and a journal, but the rest of my presents will have to wait until tomorrow, when my parents get back from my stepmothers family's house. I'm excited... I don't get to many presents these days, regardless of how many presents I hand out to other people. Yet I think I've gotten more already this year than last year! Weird... But I'm still used to being a kid and getting spoiled. I'm only just now 20!

How was everyone else's Xmas?

Dec 24, 2012


Merry Christmas to all! Plus happy holidays to all others!

Dec 21, 2012

Knitting Dilemma

So, I am having a really hard time thinking of what to get for my boyfriend. We are currently residing at his mothers house, and she doesn't want him having things, so what am I supposed to do? (She won't let him set up his computer/won't buy him an amazing popcorn machine for xmas because she doesn't want that stuff laying around.)

So instead of getting him a smart deco desk to put his computer on, I found this pattern that I PAID MONEY FOR:

But then he decided to go to a friends house, I decided to go to sleep, and then he started texting me pictures of a Cthulhu balaclava instead (and pretending not to understand the fact that I was yelling at him to stop texting me because I was SLEEPING. (Something that is hard enough as it is for me!)). I think the one he showed me was sort of like this: 

So now, I guess he is just going to have to deal with getting 2 balaclavas. Although seriously... The dragon one is much cooler. Plus I have a pattern to that one. I will just have to improve on this Cthulhu I guess. Even though I've already made him this Cthulhu dice bag!

Dec 19, 2012

Craft Displays!

Recently I have been looking at selling things online. The long term plan is to start selling at craft shows and other events. I have a thing about displays, not that I have ANY whatsoever, but when I think about displaying at a craft show, I refuse to lay everything out on a flat table! I make mostly jewelry, so jewelry displays are a must. Therefore, here is a post with all kinds of links to cool D.I.Y. displays!

This here Mannequin Display is so far my favorite idea. I have plenty of fleece scraps that I can use instead of batting! I am thinking about using it to display scarves, necklaces, and possibly adapt it to also display other types of jewelry on the body. 


I don't necessarily make rings (yet) but I want to! I just need to get a ring mandrel. This Ring Display is a perfect example of what I would prefer to use. However, I have found versions made with high heels! Trip to the thrift store anybody?? I couldn't find tutorials for the heels but I should think it'd be easy to adapt this tutorial to fit in a shoe!

Here is the type of bracelet stand I would prefer. This is pretty much the only good tutorial I could find! I know that I have seen another, but it was pretty much the same thing... They just covered theirs with black crushed velvet, which I think shows jewelry better and more professionally. 


This is the type of necklace display I would like. Plus earrings. I put my earrings on a price tag that holds them, and has a hole on top to hang on a peg of some sort. Something that rotates. I don't think I am going to try to make one of my own... Honestly, mine would look terrible, though I can easily think of ways to make one! 

Display Dress Form, Female Dress Form, Mini  Jewelry Display Form 

I also love the mini mannequins. Not necessarily this one, but if it's a jewelry display, then I want. 

Are there any other ideas you like? These are my personal faves right now. I like the idea of jewelry trees, but I can't find any that I actually like besides the mini mannequin and rotating stand above. 

Well, enjoy! I hope I've helped others find what they needed today. 

Dec 18, 2012

Christmas Traditions - How did yours start?

So here's the deal. I was raised as a Jehovah's Witness. That meant we didn't celebrate any holidays, or our own birthdays. I was taught that Santa isn't real. I didn't learn about Halloween and Easter until I was 9. Of course, I was expected to just KNOW about Valentines Day, and mothers and fathers day. My mom got angry at me when my sister made her a pretty card and I didn't. Annoying!

So, getting into the Christmas spirit was pretty tough for me. When my parents divorced, we were "disfellowshipped".... i.e. kicked out of the fellowship. (Which personally to me sounds like a cult.) My dad remarried and I moved in with him. At first, he would actually take me out with there was a birthday party going on with my stepmothers family. After a while though, we stopped pushing the religion. I believe that my dad thought it might shock me if we had suddenly started celebrating things.

Traditions that I have developed though, include baking lots of cookies! I also make homemade gifts mostly. I buy my boyfriend a few things, but that's mostly it. I prefer saving money by getting $10 of quilters blocks, and making a bunch of mug rugs and cup cozies, which is what I did this year. Last year, I made corn bags... Fabric bags full of corn feed. You put them in the microwave for 3 minutes and they stay warm for a while. They stay warmer longer than rice in a sock!

My traditions came about as lack of money. I hate being expected to get gifts though... Because... My boyfriend and I have literally starved for the last week because we spent our money buying people gifts. I don't have a job yet and his job went from being amazing with great pay to barely a job at all. Yet I want gifts from people, so I feel bad if I don't get them anything.

Have any of you had such a deterrent to holidays, or maybe something else? How did you handle it? How did your traditions start?

Dec 12, 2012

Yoga Pants - Keep that Logo and/or picture whole!

I have already posted to tutorial on both and (two awesome craft sites!) but I will also post it here. I am very proud of these yoga pants, as I figured out how to keep the picture on shirts whole instead of cutting straight up the middle of the shirt, they way other tutorials do. I only have very dark pictures of the tutorial, but as soon as I get another shirt I want to make into pants I plan on taking better pictures. I have gotten a lot better with my cheap-o camera.
Step 9

The image wraps around the side of your leg!

1 Large Shirt (That's too big on you... Probably like 2 sizes too big.)
Sewing Machine/Needle and Thread
Wide Elastic (Optional)

I have hand-sewn all of mine so far, but I should be getting a sewing machine for xmas! Soooo excited!

1. Lay your shirt down flat.  Cut off the sleeves, then straight across below the collar.
Step 3
2. Cut up the side seams of the shirt. (Or just up the sides if there aren't seams)

3. Fold the front of the shirt in half lengthwise, right sides together, lining up the cut sides together. (These are both of my legs, one is inside out, one is right side out. The blue shirt is a lining because the white is see through.)
Step 5
4. Sew up the sides to the armpit of the shirt.

5. Repeat with the back side of the shirt.

6. This part is confusing, especially because I don't have a picture of it. Turn one leg right side out, and put it inside the other leg, which is inside out! Line up the armpits and sew those together. (The picture is of a different more complicated way if you are using a sewing machine. If you're hand sewing  you can go ahead and try it those. )

Step 6
7. Try it on, see how much of a waistband you will need.
Step 7

8. Using either the sleeves or some scrap fabric, make a waistband. I usually have the waistband 3 inches tall in the back, and 1-1.5 inches in front. If you're using the sleeves, like I usually do, cut one lengthwise 3 inches tall, and the other 6 inches tall. Attach them into one piece. Trim the 6 inches gradually to 3 inches to the sides where the 6 inch piece attaches to the 3 inch piece. Then fold it in half, and sew it to the pants. If you are using elastic, make sure it will fit into the waistband. If you are using a drawstring, just cut 2 buttonholes in the front and feed your drawstring through.

Step 8
You're done! Doesn't it feel great? These pants are super comfy to wear around the house or to the gym. I actually make these pants to go to the gym in, because I don't have any others that are comfortable, because of the pockets or belt loops. Laying on those are super irritating!

Here is another pair I've made.

Dec 10, 2012

What I'm working on for Christmas.

This year, I have finally forced myself to use my stepmothers Kenmore sewing machine. It is not ancient, but it is old, old enough to have physical parts to remove and replace in order to do different stitches. I do not like this. Fortunately, I have only needed to use a straight stitch for my current projects, but the sewing machine did not come with the proper feet (foots?) in order to do any other stitching. I am hopefully going to get a newer machine for myself the xmas though! A singer. One with a dial or buttons to push and magically change the stitching! Of course I will still have to change the foot, but at least I will have the foots/feet!

These projects I am talking about include both cup cozies and mug rugs. The mug rugs are about 4x7", and the cup cozies... Well, they were cut based on the cardboard kind from starbucks and sadly, most of them ended up being too small for a sixteen oz cup, like I wanted. I am not too precise on the cutting job, EVER, though... My fault. I never really got used to dealing with things like seam allowances.

Other gifts include a woodburned sailboat picture for my dad, jars of homemade sugar scrub for several womens, and knitted wristwarmers. All of these I just winged it through... So of course they're not going to end up too perfect or anything. I also had to knit a hat for one friend. Knitting a hat = guessing how many stitches, guessing how long, and guessing how to decrease smoothly. I only messed up slightly on the decreasing smoothly! I'm proud of myself.

Very basic knitting How Tos:

Wrist Warmers
Size US 6 straight needles

CO 28 stitches.
Rib Knit for 6 rows.
(Gradually increase from 28 to 34-36 between the Rib Knits)
Stockinette Knit until it barely reaches your knuckles
Rib Knit 4 rows.

Sew up the side, leaving a thumb-hole. Easy!

Size US 9 16" Circs

CO 78 Stitches.
Rib Knit for about an inch.
Stockinette Knit for like, 6 inches.
Decrease until you have 4-6 stitches left.

Yeah I'm not real precise. I have a REALLY hard time following patterns, though.

The Sugar Scrub I have been making for a while.... I personally suggest making it in small batches, enough to fill up one jar at a time, otherwise you get lumps that are just impossible to get out. Sugar Scrub is real simple, just take whatever container you are eventually going to keep it in, fill it mostly full of sugar, then dump the sugar into a bowl. Add olive oil to it and stir until it's saturated, but not so much that the sugar dissolves. Then whatever you add is up to you, I personally add honey and cinnamon. It is a great exfoiliant, I have actually used it on my face once or twice. I mostly use it on my legs before shaving, (If you do this, make sure to use a cloth or a mesh fabric ball thing and scrub away at your legs, or your razor will end up clogged with tons of dead skin!) and you'll get super smooth legs. I also  put it on my lips when they are dry, because sugar helps draw moisture to the skin. Plus it's all edible, and fun to kiss my boyfriend and have him start licking his lips because they taste like sugar and honey!

Mug Rugs and Cup Cozies... I don't want to get into those... Those are more of a disappointment than anything else. They just aren't pretty enough to warrant a tutorial!!

After I give everyone their gifts I will post pictures of them all in this post, so you can see what I'm trying to describe how to make!

I have a few more things that I need to make, too... Just not real excited about all this crafting when I feel like people aren't going to like them as much as I would like them too. Because that's what it always comes out too. I have given up on striving to do an amazing job when I just see how my gifts are stuffed somewhere and never used. But really, until someone thinks I'm good enough to be an employee, I'm not about to spend all my meager money when I could be buying groceries with it.

I figured out another present for someone I was having a hard time thinking of a present for. She loves trees, why not make her one of those wire trees? In fact, why not make it enormous and able to hold earrings?? Will post pics when I'm done with it! It's turning out amazing so far.

Blog Changes

I have mostly used this blog as an easy free way to post pictures for online use, but I have decided I wanted to do something more. I have tried to keep up with a blog posting every day, but I can't do it. However, finding tutorials online that I would like to try AND to share with others is a great excuse to continue blogging! I will be posting tutorials of my own, of course, and maybe the occasional personal post as well.

Right now, I am in quite the Christmas crafting frenzy, as I have to knit about 5 pairs of wrist warmers before xmas and I am a slow knitter! I have also made several other things that I will post pictures AFTER xmas, in case anyone I am making them for sees them before hand.

So, from now on, I will be posting crafts that I would like to try and crafts that I HAVE tried, and I will attempt to put up my own pictures of my attempts. I know the name of the blog indicates I will be posting every day, but the name actually refers to the fact that I craft daily. I will NOT be posting every day, but hopefully at least a couple of times a week! See you then!

Oct 13, 2012

My Hedgehog

Here are pictures of my beautiful Hedgehog, Amiira. 

This is the only professional picture of her, we got it for free because the guy just wanted the opportunity to take a picture of a hedgehog, haha! 

Here she is, curled up in a ball. 

Here she is, curled up in a ball again. 

And again! 

Now she's comfortable enough to go explorin'. 
And here is her in her bday present, a pink bed. Not sure she likes it, based on THAT face! 

Jul 11, 2012

Commissioned Art from Gaiaonline

Pony and Cutie Mark

These pictures are my MLP:FIM based pony. I will be using the below images for references for artists on to draw her! Yes, I like My Little Pony, and yes, I have an account on Gaiaonline, not that I get on it very often anymore.