May 2, 2014

New clay stuff!

 Aren't these ring dishes just beautiful? I LOVE my fall colored one above! The colors just ended up blending just enough, and it made me so happy with the end result! I found this tutorial for these leaf dishes on pinterest and I said "I HAVE to make some of those!" I rolled the clay a lot thinner than the tutorial did, but I use Premo and it has a lot of flexibility so I think they'll be fine. The green one is for a close friend of mine. I mixed glitter in with the glaze, and then did a clear coat of glaze on top of that so that none of the glitter would come off whenever you touched it.


I also made a couple of dragons! The blue one wasn't glazed yet when I took that picture, he is all shiny now.  I'm not too proud of their faces, I am still working on that. The neck on the blue one is definitely a bit thick! I am a lot happier with their wings now... I used to make such ridiculous wings! Now that I've got the wings down (at least I am happy with them... for now) I need to work on their faces and front legs. The red one below isn't even baked yet! That's why he looks pretty shiny. It's a different shiny than what glaze gives them. I've taken a liking to making the dragons out of clay that's been mixed with different colors, but not mixed into one color. They look a lot more interesting this way, I think.

He is missing a black spike right on the tip of his nose!
A picture decided to fall right on top of him...

Both of these dragons will be for sale soon on my Etsy or possibly my Facebook page. I'll have to look up this new facebook shop thing! Does it cost money to set up? That's my biggest concern.

I'm staying at my dad's for another month at least, so I'll be making quite a few more things! I'm headed to Joannes tomorrow to grab some fabric for a few projects... At least 3 different projects actually!

So I shall be posting a bit more regularly for a while. I'm usually at a place where I can't do any kind of craft or if I do I'm being bothered by destructive dogs so it takes forever. I'm so happy to be back here and getting some stuff done!