Dec 18, 2010

Christmas? or Holidays?

Did you know that some people are petitioning to make the Christmas tree into the "Holiday Tree"?

I know that this is to be less discriminating, but I think we should allow each to their own. If you don't celebrate Christmas, go on and celebrate whatever holiday you wish, or don't celebrate at all. I'm not stopping you, and I have no intention too. I myself was a Jehovah's Witness for the first 9 years of my life, and as a result, I don't care much for Christmas. I still participate, but my stepmothers family takes it a little too far for me.

They like to make everyone open their presents one at a time, and that is a common practice, but they also videotape it. I prefer to open my presents while everyone else is opening their presents, and have my own little bubble of appreciation and gratitude instead of being forced to awkwardly smile because everyone is STARING. I'm a shy person, and I also have panic anxiety disorder. This putting-me-on-the-spot really makes me act up, turning into a mute in the corner of the room, constantly shifting to avoid contact with the people on my left and right, and gingerly taking presents handed to me, turning my face down so they can't look me in the eye.

But of course, people do not like this behavior, so I am yelled at to look up and be happy, and grateful.

These past years I have avoided going to my stepmothers parents for Christmas by counterbalancing it with thanksgiving. However, this year I am going for Christmas, because (1) my boyfriend and I needed to spend time with our hedgehog we picked up the day before, and (2) my mother whom I have not spoken to or seen in several years will be in Seattle for Christmas. I feel it might be the time to finally say hi, if even for a day or two.

I feel that my joy of Christmas is all but taken away by other peoples customs and wants, and I disapprove of turning Christmas into a general Holiday. I am no longer of any religion, but I still feel this way.

What do you guys think?

Another example of changing Christmas is making Santa into a skinnier, more healthy looking influence. The goal is to make it slightly more unacceptable to be obese and jolly, but I'm not sure many people noticed, and if they did, they probably made jokes about the economy and how Santa must have had a bad year.

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