Dec 21, 2010

DIY Pet Traveling

With a small animal, a cat carrier can be too big or too open for comfort. Most small animals take rides while wrapped in a towel or in a box.

I created a small travel box for our hedgehog for her comfort, and I'll share the idea with you.

For this project, you'll need:
  • A small cardboard box.
  • Durable, tightly woven fabric.
  • A ruler.
  • Scissors/knife.
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks.
  • Velcro.
This is my box.

Amiira has already ridden in this box, from the breeders in Spokane to home in Kennewick.
Optional--Cut the top flaps off, so there's only the sides and the bottom.
Measure the bottom of the box.

Cut two pieces of fabric that are a couple of inches bigger than the bottom of the box in both directions. (longer in both length and width)

Sew these together, wrong sides out, and leave a gap in one side.
Turn in right side out, and stuff it like a pillow. Use a ladder stitch to close the remaining gap. I don't recommend topstitching, as this will provide loops of thread that may snag little toes and feet.

Now line the bottom of the box with fabric. I simply hotglued the fabric down, but make sure to fold the edges of the fabric so it's underneath.

Now, attach the SOFT part of the velcro onto the bottom of the pillow. Make sure the velcro is on the very edges of the pillow.

Only do the two long sides of the pillow. Attach velcro to the fabric in the bottom of the box so both sides of the velcro line up.
You're done with the basics! You can place a hand warmer that you "break" and it heats up in between the pillow and the lining fabric to keep your animal warm. The pillow is also removable and washable. You can decorate the outside of the box, or line the inside of the box to your and your pets comfort.

If you have a nocturnal animal, I suggest provided a shirt or a smallish piece of fabric for them to hide and snuggle up underneath with.

Mine isn't very pretty, but hedgehogs are from the mole family and I'm sure she doesn't care much for pretty patterns, although they do like to play with brightly colored things.

Have fun! and please post pictures of finished projects!

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