Dec 15, 2010

The Holidays

How has everyone's Holiday joys, miracles, and stressors been going so far?

To be honest, mine has been very frustrating. I've been trying to order custom-made stickers and magnets for my family from Zazzle, which is a really cool site when it doesn't cancel your orders several times in a row. (They're very good at returning your money as soon as you cancel, however.) I think the site itself has been having some problems lately, as a friend of mine tried buying from it recently and it won't accept his credit card.

However, I will be getting my Diamond Glaze in the mail today. This means I will be able to replace some of the gifts-not-gotten with some REAL homemade gifts, instead of custom made and ordered gifts. I'm still very upset about Zazzle, though... The gifts on there was much more personalized.

I planned on finishing a sweatshirt for my boyfriend, Nick, for xmas, but the fabric is so hard to sew through by hand. I wanted to also make Amiira a small hedgehog sized blanket, but I want to finish the sweatshirt before any other sewing projects. For Wynter, I want grab a jar and fill it full of all kinds of kitty treats; tarter control tuna treats, toy balls, fluffy/feathery toys. Then decorate it. I'm sure she won't appreciate the decorations, but it'll make it more for her.

The project I'm going to do with Diamond Glaze is to make scrabble tile pendents, a project found at I would link to it, but I can't find it because they recently reorganized all the crafts and the search bar isn't working, so I can't find the particular how-to.

Why is it that all the sites want to do something new right before the holidays, mess up, and then don't fix it? Oh, because they then went to their parents, leaving many people in chaos ans stress. Grrr. Sorry, but this has upset me very much, and many people aren't getting their presents this year because of it.

Has anything gone wrong (or unbelievably perfect) for you this years holidays?

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