Jun 2, 2013

Etsy Shop is Up and Running!

That's right! I set up my Etsy Shop today. I named it DIYDaily, as I couldn't have periods or spaces in the name of the shop, but that's just fine, I think you guys will recognize it well enough! I'm super excited for this to be happening, and it couldn't have even begun if my wonderful boyfriend didn't take the initiative and split the price of my brand new wonderful camera with me!

For those of you who want to know, it's a SONY Cybershot DSC-HX200V. It has all kinds of wonderful features, such as GPS tracking AND the ability to take pictures in 3D! Which you then cannot look at without a 3D TV, but still... It has the capability! That's all that matters when I'm boasting about the awesome camera I now have.

This weekend and probably next weekend I will be busy helping my dad out with some housework, so I haven't been able to work on crafts, but if I start getting sales right away I can use that money to buy more chainmaille. I also think that I will start knitting hats for sale. Not any kind of fancy hat, but just really nice quality ones, with nice yarn.

Here are some examples of the housework we are doing:

Trim, Windows
Windows to my room.

Trim, Windows
Other window to my room. 

We are adding trim around the windows and the sliding glass door. We are actually cutting away the siding around the windows so that the trim will be sunk down into the wall of the house instead of on top of the siding. Don't worry, we aren't finished with these windows... We will be adding caulking in all the nooks and crannies. After we finish the trim, we will finally be PAINTING the WHOLE HOUSE EXTERIOR! You can't really tell in pictures, but when you look at the house, you can see the caulk over every single nail in the siding and it looks TERRIBLE. You can literally see these spots all over the house!

Also, yes, I have 3 windows in my room. It's the only room in the house that has more than one window, even though the master bedroom is on the other side of the house and could just have easily had 3 windows. The people who made our house were lazy and took every short cut that they possibly could have and still leave the house standing. I wish I had pictures of how it looked when we first moved in, as the second owners of the then 2 year old house. The house is about 9-10 years old now. All the work we've done on it was mostly done on weekends! 

I wanted to show you the new stuff I've been doing, but the camera won't upload the pictures that are on its internal memory. I've been working on making clay things, mostly dragons, owls, and cthulhus, and I think I'm going to settle on making owls (birds at least) and little cthulhus to sell. They've turned out the best AND are of my OWN design. Plus both of those are rather popular! This past week I got more clay, better paint brushes, and some glaze that's made for use on polymer clay. I hope to work on these more next weekend, if I'm not busy both days helping my dad. In fact, once I publish this post I think I'm going to work on at least one critter in a few minutes! It'll be nice to get something of my own done, instead of just housework!

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