Jun 15, 2013

Housework + Craft Time?

Ever since I indicated to my dad that I would like to help him out on his home improvement projects, it seems every weekend he has something to do now. Something that entails me staying outside all day, getting sunburned, then coming in and crashing and not being able to work on my crafts. Which is sad. However, I won't go back on my word... It makes things go by faster, and it's easier for him to have a gopher while he is up on a ladder instead of having to climb all the way back down and grabbing something. I don't mind helping him, I mind that I don't get my own stuff done at the same time.

That said, I'm still working on stuff. I really wish I could take my sewing machine and all my clay things to my BF's mothers, but there is no where to work there. Plus the dogs would eat everything. Including my sewing machine if they were desperate enough for attention. Which they're not going to get if they misbehave.

I promised a tutorial on clay snakes this weekend, then my camera broke, but we sent it to the repair center today, I should have it back in a year. Or maybe a month. Or maybe 2 weeks at the soonest. You know how those things go. They told me to send it in without the battery or any accessories, but to send the new memory card that I was sort of planning to return instead. If that thing doesn't come back I'll be pissed. It was only $10, but it was a nicer one than the other one I have. (8gb over 2 gb... What would you choose?)

When the camera gets back, I should have a whole new stock of things to show you, as well as to put up on Etsy, because I'm sure my skills with clay are just as good as plenty of other people who sell their clay stuff. I also plan on making clay pendents... I like the idea, I haven't tried it yet because my jewelry stuff is at the BF's mothers to make repairs on her jewelry. She has a lot. I'm jealous.

On another note, someone made me a banner for my Etsy shop! It's better than mine, I haven't put it up yet because I'm not sure if they are done yet, but they took pictures that I had of my jewelry and used those! It's awesome. So, that'll be up soon.

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