Jun 11, 2013

Finally! Clay critters!

I've been working on making these adorable clay dragons and cthulhus, along with some other animals because of this chick on DeviantArt. Her dragons. Are freaking cute. So, I was inspired!

At first, I modeled them after her dragons without any kind of idea of what I was doing:

Then I watched her video tutorial. Basically, she uses tin foil armatures in her figures. That opened a whole world of possibilities. I improved immediately. 

I want to sell these eventually, so I knew I needed to branch off on my own style. I also NEEDED to make a  cthulhu. Since I couldn't find any good clay cthulhus, I ended making my own without any kind of inspiration picture, and I think I figured out how I'm going to make my figures. Their body will be one ball, then their head will be another ball. Observe: 

Sadly, that sleepy cthulhu was the only one I have a picture of, as my brand new expensive camera has decided it doesn't want to acknowledge the fact that there is, in fact, a memory card in it. I have 2 different memory cards, they both are supposed to work with the camera, but it doesn't pay any attention to them... It's very sad. We'll mess around with it some more, but I reset it to it's factory settings and it's still doing it, so I think it's just screwed and we have to send it back. This is greatly upsetting, as I was waiting for the camera to finally set up my Etsy shop and now that it is set up, this camera has stopped working... 

I've made two more dragons and one more cthulhu with the 2 ball body and they're all getting better all the time. 

I've also made an awesome snake, which I will have a tutorial for hopefully next weekend. It turned out really cool looking, and I thought it would look like crap, so I'm really excited about this snake. 

I've also made some other, inconsequential things...: 

That dragon took HOURS and I'm not very happy with how he looks. It'll be nice to see these pictures in the future, when I will hopefully be better at manipulating clay. 

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