Oct 19, 2013

Beer Olympics!

I mentioned to a friend of mine about a blog post I saw about holding Beer Olympics. Well, he evidently took that random chance conversation and decided to act upon it and threw his own Beer Olympics! I went to be a referee and ended up participating in the games because an odd number of people showed up to drink. I am a VERY inexperienced drinker and absolutely hate beer, so when our teams were pulled out a hat, I apologized to my partner immediately. We were on teams of two, and my team won. Yeah. Out of everybody there, who had been drinking for years, in fact the MOST experienced drinker was the only one who ended up vomiting (and was disqualified for an hour and a half), I was half of the team who won. It wasn't all just my partner either! I really pulled through for him. I am actually proud of myself! For drinking beer ALL DAY.

It was actually pretty horrible... Half of us considered dropping out or at least taking a nap. We'll have to find a way to keep occupied between events in order to NOT become too full of liquid, because that was the biggest problem... Being too full! One participant actually suggested we all go on a job until we puked so we could continue. We just took an extended break, instead.

We also had pretzels and brats for lunch. The games didn't last nearly as long as we expected it... I think because we didn't have as many people as we were expecting to come.

The games we played:

We started with Beer Pong. To keep these matches from lasting all day, we restricted ourselves to 20 minute games. We had 4 teams, so we played 2 matches, then winners against winners and losers against losers.

I believe we played Flip Cup next. We split one beer between 2 cups, 2 cups for each participant. So for one team, that's 2 beers in 4 cups. Chug, flip, teammate chugs and flips, back to you, back to them.

We did Ice Tray Races, at which I excelled but most people hated. Fill an ice tray with one beer, race against each other drinking it with a straw. Most participants complained about the air you end up swallowing, and this is the point one person vomited.

We were REALLY full at this point, but we had eaten lunch just before the Ice Tray Races.

We started to practice to play Quarters, but just about everyone hated it and we vetoed that game. No one could satisfactorily bounce a quarter in a cup enough times to justify the time that game would have wasted.

We also played Battle Shots, which was definitely fun. We got pizza boxes and drew a 4x4 grid on them, placed 10 shot glasses on them and called out which position (A3, D2, etc) we wanted other players to take their shot glasses off of (and drink) if they were in the place we called.

Then we played Darts. For some reason some people hated the idea of playing darts, but we all ended up doing it anyways. All we did was take a shot before we threw our 3 darts. The only reason I got any points for this the first turn I had was because I managed to throw my last dart into the reset button on the dart board. Apparently, that had to count for something!

This year, our games were more or less a trial. I'm sure we'll work on refining them for next year! Plus, I think we should have 1 more game... We were going to play King's Cup, but it was decided that since no one is really the winner of that game (except the loser) that it wasn't a good game to play.

Hope I've helped start some new traditions! Find us on our Facebook.

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