Oct 9, 2013

WHAT is up with the pop- ups!?

I've noticed recently that blogspot blogs that I follow have ads that pop up in the bottom right corner. Since I keep the volume really low on my laptop, I don't mind these. What I DO mind, is the fact that when I click on a blog title to read that post, it will just pop up an ad instead. I have an ad blocker on my laptop, so why is this happening? It doesn't bother opening the post that I'm trying to read, it just opens an ad. What I'm worried about, is that it is happening on MY blog. I want everyone to know that I did NOT choose for that to happen. It's not something I'm using to monetize my blog! 

As I'm writing this, I keep getting an error popping up that forces me to stop typing and close the window. Is it because I'm writing something blogger doesn't want me talking about? Haha. Now that's paranoid.

It's giving me this error code: bX-o85jh5 

UPDATE: Yes, it is happening on my blog as well. Again, I am NOT choosing for these ads to show on my blog. 

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