Oct 21, 2013

Heading to Florida!

I'm SUPER excited for this trip! I've been on several long road trips with my boyfriend, but this involves a long flight. I'm kind of nervous! I've been to Florida before, but that was with someone who knows a lot about traveling.

We're going for the Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. I heard about these last year, when they had Pyramid Head running around. This year, there'll be mazes based on The Walking Dead, Evil Dead, Resident Evil (The games, not the movies..) and several others movies and games.

I saw an advertisement about the Horror Nights back in August, and since he was right there, I told my boyfriend about how I'd like to go sometime. He apparently liked the idea and decided we would do it this year! I was really surprised about that. I figured that if we ever did go, it'd be a couple of years from now.

Anyways, just a short post. We're not bringing the camera because my boyfriend says it looks "too professional" and we would probably get in trouble... I just don't want to take it through security at the airport. We'll be going through Salt Lake City at some point, and we've heard horror stories about the security there!

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