May 17, 2013

No jobs? How can that be?

I didn't get any jobs at Labor Ready this week, so I haven't made the money for the camera, of course. I also just managed to break my boyfriends rear view mirror so I was thinking I will buy him a new one, unless he manages to somehow duct tape/super glue it back on and not mind the giant crack... Honestly, most of the rear view mirrors I've found were $10-20, unless I got him one with a compass or digital crap or stuff like that. Some of them "auto dim" and the one he has right now doesn't do any of that, so I think he'd be okay with me getting him one of the cheaper ones...

This weekend I'm planning on making more clay figures, and possibly some sewing... We'll see. It looks to me that I do most of my crafting on weekends, so I think (if I ever get the time to write a blog while at my BFs house, he seems to steal the laptop whenever possible) I will just start posting inspiration posts, posts about maybe charity stuff I'm interested in, and recipes. I made some delicious stuffed mushrooms yesterday, I forgot to add seasonings but they were still pretty good. The mushrooms were super juicy, and I got bigger ones so you couldn't just pop the whole thing into your mouth, and we had to eat them while leaning over the sink. The only other stuffed mushrooms I've had were tiny. I think that might be a better way to go.

Stuffed Mushrooms
You can see the mushrooms juices on the middle of the plate
Stuffed with cream cheese, asparagus, olives, the stems of the mushrooms, and sausage. We ate the all in like 10 minutes flat, even though we had most of the sausage and asparagus in tortilla wraps for breakfast 20 minutes before these were done. It wasn't really a filling breakfast, but whatever. 

The recipe I sort of followed (not really) said to use 8 oz of cream cheese, but everyone said that was too much and I used only half the package. I only used one stalk of asparagus, and you couldn't even find it in there. I just chopped everything up real fine, then microwaved the cream cheese for a few seconds so it'd be easier to mix it all in. Delicious! 

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