May 11, 2013

Omg Dragons!!!

So, I've been looking at this girls Deviant Art rather jealously, because she makes these amazing clay figurines and I've never been good at making stuff with clay. Well, she sells the cute adorable animals that she makes, but they're gone so fast that I don't ever see them in her shop. Especially when I forget that she is listing that day!

Well, I've decided that I can try to do some clay stuff again. While they're not good, I have a feeling that as I practice more and more, better techniques will come to me. I also will probably have to cut my nails...

I don't have any glaze, but I still absolutely love the three dragons I made today. The first one I decided will be a mothers day gift, as that one is holding a flower. She also has a star shaped brad shoved into her forehead as well. I went ahead and did a little painting on them, as well. The picture, as always, isn't great, but I plan on getting a new camera sometime soon!

Clay Dragons
YAY dragons! So cute, right???
The other two are for my boyfriend and I. Their tails are supposed to hold dice. Like when you are playing a game where you use a d20 to show how much life you have or such. So the dice won't roll around too easily. I didn't have any dice on hand while I made them, so I can only hope they fit in a way that will hold them securely. 

Their eyes are all beads. The standing one has blue eyes, the laying blue has white eyes, and the green has green eyes. The standing blue is also holding a flower bead! 

I'm super proud of them, yet I also hope that I will get much better in the future. It was fun doing them, so I think I'll continue making things out of clay. Probably not for sale, but for gifts and things to keep for myself. Unless I get really good at it, I guess. 

I also made a pillow cover! Now, I cut out over 100 2 inch squares for a quilt. Then I realized that I needed more squares than I thought and I didn't think I would have enough. So I just started putting them together until I got a rectangle, and made a pillow cover. The seams aren't lined up, but I didn't iron the strips before sewing them together, and I think that may have made a huge difference. 

I have another pillow that I plan to cover as well, and I'm debating on making another just like this one since I have enough squares too, or if I should use this weird shirt that I hate the texture of on me, but is very interesting. Maybe I could use both, actually. Maybe that's what I'll do! Anyways, here's the cover: 

Quilted Pillow Cover
Fun Pillow Cover! 
I hated sewing the squares together. But I love how it looks, so I'll do it again. The pillow isn't very straight in the picture, is it? I just used an old cut up tank as the back. I made it like a pillow sham, so I can stuff the pillow in. Then, if I want to wash the cover or if I want to change covers, I can take it off. 

Anyways. I'm planning on making the next pillow cover tomorrow (maybe....) and I'm thinking about making myself a new purse. We'll see how it goes! I'm super glad I got to post something really crafty today! 

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