Dec 10, 2012

What I'm working on for Christmas.

This year, I have finally forced myself to use my stepmothers Kenmore sewing machine. It is not ancient, but it is old, old enough to have physical parts to remove and replace in order to do different stitches. I do not like this. Fortunately, I have only needed to use a straight stitch for my current projects, but the sewing machine did not come with the proper feet (foots?) in order to do any other stitching. I am hopefully going to get a newer machine for myself the xmas though! A singer. One with a dial or buttons to push and magically change the stitching! Of course I will still have to change the foot, but at least I will have the foots/feet!

These projects I am talking about include both cup cozies and mug rugs. The mug rugs are about 4x7", and the cup cozies... Well, they were cut based on the cardboard kind from starbucks and sadly, most of them ended up being too small for a sixteen oz cup, like I wanted. I am not too precise on the cutting job, EVER, though... My fault. I never really got used to dealing with things like seam allowances.

Other gifts include a woodburned sailboat picture for my dad, jars of homemade sugar scrub for several womens, and knitted wristwarmers. All of these I just winged it through... So of course they're not going to end up too perfect or anything. I also had to knit a hat for one friend. Knitting a hat = guessing how many stitches, guessing how long, and guessing how to decrease smoothly. I only messed up slightly on the decreasing smoothly! I'm proud of myself.

Very basic knitting How Tos:

Wrist Warmers
Size US 6 straight needles

CO 28 stitches.
Rib Knit for 6 rows.
(Gradually increase from 28 to 34-36 between the Rib Knits)
Stockinette Knit until it barely reaches your knuckles
Rib Knit 4 rows.

Sew up the side, leaving a thumb-hole. Easy!

Size US 9 16" Circs

CO 78 Stitches.
Rib Knit for about an inch.
Stockinette Knit for like, 6 inches.
Decrease until you have 4-6 stitches left.

Yeah I'm not real precise. I have a REALLY hard time following patterns, though.

The Sugar Scrub I have been making for a while.... I personally suggest making it in small batches, enough to fill up one jar at a time, otherwise you get lumps that are just impossible to get out. Sugar Scrub is real simple, just take whatever container you are eventually going to keep it in, fill it mostly full of sugar, then dump the sugar into a bowl. Add olive oil to it and stir until it's saturated, but not so much that the sugar dissolves. Then whatever you add is up to you, I personally add honey and cinnamon. It is a great exfoiliant, I have actually used it on my face once or twice. I mostly use it on my legs before shaving, (If you do this, make sure to use a cloth or a mesh fabric ball thing and scrub away at your legs, or your razor will end up clogged with tons of dead skin!) and you'll get super smooth legs. I also  put it on my lips when they are dry, because sugar helps draw moisture to the skin. Plus it's all edible, and fun to kiss my boyfriend and have him start licking his lips because they taste like sugar and honey!

Mug Rugs and Cup Cozies... I don't want to get into those... Those are more of a disappointment than anything else. They just aren't pretty enough to warrant a tutorial!!

After I give everyone their gifts I will post pictures of them all in this post, so you can see what I'm trying to describe how to make!

I have a few more things that I need to make, too... Just not real excited about all this crafting when I feel like people aren't going to like them as much as I would like them too. Because that's what it always comes out too. I have given up on striving to do an amazing job when I just see how my gifts are stuffed somewhere and never used. But really, until someone thinks I'm good enough to be an employee, I'm not about to spend all my meager money when I could be buying groceries with it.

I figured out another present for someone I was having a hard time thinking of a present for. She loves trees, why not make her one of those wire trees? In fact, why not make it enormous and able to hold earrings?? Will post pics when I'm done with it! It's turning out amazing so far.

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