Dec 19, 2012

Craft Displays!

Recently I have been looking at selling things online. The long term plan is to start selling at craft shows and other events. I have a thing about displays, not that I have ANY whatsoever, but when I think about displaying at a craft show, I refuse to lay everything out on a flat table! I make mostly jewelry, so jewelry displays are a must. Therefore, here is a post with all kinds of links to cool D.I.Y. displays!

This here Mannequin Display is so far my favorite idea. I have plenty of fleece scraps that I can use instead of batting! I am thinking about using it to display scarves, necklaces, and possibly adapt it to also display other types of jewelry on the body. 


I don't necessarily make rings (yet) but I want to! I just need to get a ring mandrel. This Ring Display is a perfect example of what I would prefer to use. However, I have found versions made with high heels! Trip to the thrift store anybody?? I couldn't find tutorials for the heels but I should think it'd be easy to adapt this tutorial to fit in a shoe!

Here is the type of bracelet stand I would prefer. This is pretty much the only good tutorial I could find! I know that I have seen another, but it was pretty much the same thing... They just covered theirs with black crushed velvet, which I think shows jewelry better and more professionally. 


This is the type of necklace display I would like. Plus earrings. I put my earrings on a price tag that holds them, and has a hole on top to hang on a peg of some sort. Something that rotates. I don't think I am going to try to make one of my own... Honestly, mine would look terrible, though I can easily think of ways to make one! 

Display Dress Form, Female Dress Form, Mini  Jewelry Display Form 

I also love the mini mannequins. Not necessarily this one, but if it's a jewelry display, then I want. 

Are there any other ideas you like? These are my personal faves right now. I like the idea of jewelry trees, but I can't find any that I actually like besides the mini mannequin and rotating stand above. 

Well, enjoy! I hope I've helped others find what they needed today. 

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