Dec 12, 2012

Yoga Pants - Keep that Logo and/or picture whole!

I have already posted to tutorial on both and (two awesome craft sites!) but I will also post it here. I am very proud of these yoga pants, as I figured out how to keep the picture on shirts whole instead of cutting straight up the middle of the shirt, they way other tutorials do. I only have very dark pictures of the tutorial, but as soon as I get another shirt I want to make into pants I plan on taking better pictures. I have gotten a lot better with my cheap-o camera.
Step 9

The image wraps around the side of your leg!

1 Large Shirt (That's too big on you... Probably like 2 sizes too big.)
Sewing Machine/Needle and Thread
Wide Elastic (Optional)

I have hand-sewn all of mine so far, but I should be getting a sewing machine for xmas! Soooo excited!

1. Lay your shirt down flat.  Cut off the sleeves, then straight across below the collar.
Step 3
2. Cut up the side seams of the shirt. (Or just up the sides if there aren't seams)

3. Fold the front of the shirt in half lengthwise, right sides together, lining up the cut sides together. (These are both of my legs, one is inside out, one is right side out. The blue shirt is a lining because the white is see through.)
Step 5
4. Sew up the sides to the armpit of the shirt.

5. Repeat with the back side of the shirt.

6. This part is confusing, especially because I don't have a picture of it. Turn one leg right side out, and put it inside the other leg, which is inside out! Line up the armpits and sew those together. (The picture is of a different more complicated way if you are using a sewing machine. If you're hand sewing  you can go ahead and try it those. )

Step 6
7. Try it on, see how much of a waistband you will need.
Step 7

8. Using either the sleeves or some scrap fabric, make a waistband. I usually have the waistband 3 inches tall in the back, and 1-1.5 inches in front. If you're using the sleeves, like I usually do, cut one lengthwise 3 inches tall, and the other 6 inches tall. Attach them into one piece. Trim the 6 inches gradually to 3 inches to the sides where the 6 inch piece attaches to the 3 inch piece. Then fold it in half, and sew it to the pants. If you are using elastic, make sure it will fit into the waistband. If you are using a drawstring, just cut 2 buttonholes in the front and feed your drawstring through.

Step 8
You're done! Doesn't it feel great? These pants are super comfy to wear around the house or to the gym. I actually make these pants to go to the gym in, because I don't have any others that are comfortable, because of the pockets or belt loops. Laying on those are super irritating!

Here is another pair I've made.

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