Dec 21, 2012

Knitting Dilemma

So, I am having a really hard time thinking of what to get for my boyfriend. We are currently residing at his mothers house, and she doesn't want him having things, so what am I supposed to do? (She won't let him set up his computer/won't buy him an amazing popcorn machine for xmas because she doesn't want that stuff laying around.)

So instead of getting him a smart deco desk to put his computer on, I found this pattern that I PAID MONEY FOR:

But then he decided to go to a friends house, I decided to go to sleep, and then he started texting me pictures of a Cthulhu balaclava instead (and pretending not to understand the fact that I was yelling at him to stop texting me because I was SLEEPING. (Something that is hard enough as it is for me!)). I think the one he showed me was sort of like this: 

So now, I guess he is just going to have to deal with getting 2 balaclavas. Although seriously... The dragon one is much cooler. Plus I have a pattern to that one. I will just have to improve on this Cthulhu I guess. Even though I've already made him this Cthulhu dice bag!

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