Dec 28, 2012

Sewing Machine!!!!

My dad only could afford to give me a $50 gift card to Joannes this year, but I also got a $25 gift card from the BF's mother and had several prepaid visa cards with a little money left on each of them, so I was able to get myself a sewing machine! The receipt is about 18 inches long because of how many cards I used!

I got a Singer Simple 3232, it was a little more expensive than I was planning on but the other choice didn't have as many accessories or stitch options. Joannes was having a huge sale on all sewing machines after xmas anways!

I have forgotten my camera yet again, so I can't show you all of my xmas goodies, but that isn't what this blog is about anyways. I was hoping to get a picture of a wire tree earring holder that I made and to write up a tutorial though, but I can still do that as it was my stepmother who got the tree. I found these perfect leaf beads at Craft Warehouse in colors I knew she would like, some of them were even gold. There were in piles on a table, where you pick out beads and stuff as many as you can in a container, and the leaf beads were mixed in with lots of other beads. There were tons of little arm beads mixed in... From below the elbow to the hand. They were really creepy!

So far it seems as though everybody "loved" my gifts, which were mainly cup sleeves and mug rugs. I hope to make more, now that I have a sewing machine that has a 1-step buttonholer, that are reversible. I can add a button hole right next to the button, then you can put the button through the hole right next to it and it's on the other side of the sleeve!

I am planning more articles for this blog, including health and d.i.y. beauty tips, reviews of products and events, lots of craft related things (obviously), things I am passionate about and crafts related to those, awareness posts, and other stuffs. I hope to flesh this blog out a little more instead of just posting about how excited I am about getting a sewing machine and stuff like that. I want it to be interesting enough to read more than just one post!

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