Jan 5, 2013

Crafting Withdrawal!

So, my boyfriend got a job a while ago, and he works night shifts mostly. So because of this, I've slowly shifted over to his schedule in order to spend time with him while he's AWAKE. The problem with this is the fact that we don't live on our own. We are staying at his mothers.Who sleeps most of the time that I am awake.

So because of this, I haven't been crafting very much. I just got a brand new sewing machine, and I want to SEW, however it's loud and I don't have anything over there to cut up and do anything with anyways. Plus, her two dogs are probably going to start barking whenever I touch that foot pedal.

The HUGE downside to this schedule is that I don't do anything while I'm awake. Our gym is closed, it's dark so I'm too afraid to go walking around at night, (this whole 12/21/12 end of the world thing is gotten slightly out of control with all of these shootings, am I right?) and no one has seen fit to hire me on as an employed, civilized and not lazy person. Not for lack of trying on my part, of course, but I am getting more and more annoyed with jobs saying they're entry level and then say that they require 6 mo-1 yr of experience. Another thing that keeps me from getting a job is a bilingual requirement.

We got the dogs new harnesses, so when it gets light enough in the morning, I'll take them on a short walk. One of them is VERY obese, and can't handle a longer walk yet, but the plan is to get him to lose weight. My BFs mother is one of those people who have no energy whatsoever and cannot do the physical tasks required for owning dogs, so as a result neither of them are used to exercise. Or having a clean yard to poop in. My personal plan is also to lose some weight, but I'm happy with having a physical thing to do before I pass out at 8-12 in the morning. I'd rather go back to the gym, though.

AWESOME harness. Ours aren't so pretty though.

For xmas, his father got me a very large bag full of mostly craft feathers, but there are beads, (mostly turquoise and silver colored) sinew, leather lacing, and other natural beading cords, and more feathers. I HAVE been wanting to do stuff with feathers, not that anyone knew that, but I'm a bit overwhelmed. They are slightly Native American, but what's with all this stuff? Do you want me to make you dream catchers? Talking Feathers? Other things I don't know about because I myself am not Native American?

Talking Feather, found on Google

I am excited about making dream catchers though. I did make a talking feather (above, not my picture), which is kind of just a pretty dowel with a feather attached, because there was a kit for it and I was bored. It was a quiet activity, let me assure you. I like it. I don't know why, but I feel like it would be a great activity for elementary students. Plus it's cool looking. Kids would be all like, I got the feather, now shut up dammit. Except they would all make one.

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