Jan 6, 2013

I break promises, so here are my goals instead.

A while back, I wrote a post on what I was making people for xmas and that I would post pictures of all of the goodies after I had given them to the receivers. Well, I didn't take any pictures. I'm sorry. They were all pretty cool. But. I'm not big on taking pictures. Which is sad.

However, I did make up a crappy light box/tent and took some pictures of things I've made to sell, so here are some of those:

Ninja Star Jewelry Set

Key Rosary w/freshwater pearls

Wrapped Leather Bracelets

Well, I guess I lied. One of my friends took a picture of the cup cozy I made him. Here it is (above). He's already accidentally thrown it away and had to rescue it; I'm waiting to hear about someone forgetting to rescue it before it's too late. I won't be surprised or upset, because, that's just what's going to happen to these. Anyways, on to the second reason for posting: Goals. 

These are only goals that are blogger related, because I haven't exactly made any others except to get a damn job. Well, also to possibly go to my hometown to see friends and family. Anyways. 

  • Comment on more blogs that I'm following. In order to show them support and encourage them to continue blogging for my own selfish need to have blogs to read. 
  • Do better posts that are better related to things I have already crafted instead of talking about what I want to craft and such things. 
  • Post more pictures of crafts that I have made. Also talk about them. 
  • Force people to start following my blog by being interesting enough to continue reading.
  • Also talk more about my 1 other passion besides crafting: Animals. Yep. I'd like to be a vet someday. I've already watched dogs get their genitals mutilated and large, wild birds be euthanized without any kind of emotional breakdown, so I think I would be good at it. 
One of my problems is that I ramble a lot. I can't help it. In life, I am too quiet for anyone to hear me, much less listen to me, so I sort of do all of my bitching online. I could write a goal about stopping that, but I know it's not going to happen unless my voice suddenly decides it's going to start projecting itself.

Anyways. I've already several bloggers' goals but hey, what could it hurt to read a few more? What are YOUR goals for 2013? Honestly, I think it was good enough to live through the apocalypse. 

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