Jan 13, 2013

Inspiration Post - Sweater Coat

I have been collecting pictures of things that I want to make. One of them is a nice long thick sweater coat! I really would like to make this soon, if only I had ANY money left from the holidays. I did go through some garbage bags full of clothes out in the garage and found 3 "sweaters"... That aren't really sweaters but thick shirts. Only one has sleeves, but 3 should be enough to frankenstein together into a sweater with a short skirt. Hopefully!

I want this to be a practice run, but a successful one so I can wear the result, with the experience to make a bigger and fuller one like these below:

By Smarmyclothes on Craftster.org

Also by Smarmyclothes on Craftster.org
I personally like the idea of one that reaches my knees, not all the way to the ground. These ones by Smarmy are both inspired by Alice in Wonderland... The first one is based on the Queen of Hearts, the second the Chesire Cat. I would like mine to go with more outfits... but it IS going to be covering most of what I am wearing anyways... 

The "sweaters" I have are white, black, and grey. So, at least this one will be more monochromatic. I used to like black, and wear only mostly black, but I am going more towards brown now. I think I would like a brown and maybe pale-ish pink, coat? Not sure on the pink. Terracotta would be good too, matching my bed set. I guess it just should be what I find at the thrift store! 

I will post updates on how my trial run will go with the "sweaters" that I found. Maybe I will be able to scrounge just enough fabric from them to make a hood! 

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