Feb 2, 2013

The BF's Valentine

My boyfriend loves old world maps. Well, anytime I ever find them they're expensive, mostly because they're in a giant picture frame. Then I found a tiny book of scrapbook paper with some maps and other travel-y stuff in it. So here's what I did:

Yes, the smaller hearts are supposed to look like pasties. Because the top of a heart looks like boobs. I painted the inside brown so it will look like a nicer box than it really is. You know, more like Mahogany. 

Anyways, inside the box are 2 tiny bottles of Irish Whiskey, which I hope to combine with 2 different types of gourmet hot chocolate, if I can find them at the grocery store, which has been moving everything around recently. Also in the box are Love Coupons! 

We laugh at most of the ideas for Love Coupons, so I figured I should try to make some for him simply because it would be a challenge. I've already wrapped them up, so I will try to remember to take pictures of them later to post for you guys. I printed them off then glued them to the middle of some scraps of the scrapbook paper that's covering the box. Each piece of paper had a different design on each side. 

On Valentine's Day or the day before I plan on making him homemade heart shaped Reese's pieces. I got a heart shaped mold that's made for making chocolate candy. I've learned that buying chocolate candy melts at a craft store is MUCH cheaper than buying them at the grocery store! They taste just the same, too... I think. 

Here is my list of Love Coupons, things that I think he will appreciate more than other ones: 

©       Sweets for my Sweetie: I will make or buy your craving ASAP when presented with this coupon.
©       Ice Cream on Me: I will buy you ice cream.
©       Movie and Popcorn: A movie out, all on me.
©       GOOD Homemade Dinner: You must have an idea of what you want for dinner, but I will make everything except meat (Excluding sausage or bacon).
©       Picnic Planned by me: When you present this coupon, I will plan out a picnic to be enjoyed wherever you wish.
©       Chocolate Covered Fruit: Your choice of fruit, I will dip them all in fruit for you (excludes bigger fruit (such as watermelon) or fruits that wouldn't dip well (citrus fruits for example).
©       Craft Made ASAP: Any feasible and not extremely complicated craft you want made ASAP.
©       Dress me up: I will wear an outfit of your choice for up to a day (From dressing up to going to bed).
©       Bonus: Your choice: Anything you can think of that I’m being difficult with, go ahead and use this coupon for a realistic cooperation on my part. 

I decided to have some of them reusable  like the Sweets for my sweetie (unlimited), Ice Cream on Me (3 time use) and Craft Made ASAP (3 time use). The rest are 1 use only. Anyways...

Go ahead and use any of my ideas! That's why I post them! =)

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