Feb 7, 2013

New purse!

I actually made something the other day!

While I was doing an internship at Blue Mountain Wildlife, I noticed the other interns purse looked like a miniature messenger bag. I make my own purses, but up until now they've all been made out of t shirts and hand sewn and would fall apart quite easily. Now that I have a sewing machine, however, nothing can stop me from having a bag that doesn't fall apart!

I don't have pictures of the rough pattern I sketched of the other interns purse, but basically it was a bag with 2 deep pockets attached to the front and hidden behind a flap that came from the back and fell over the top of the bag. There were several other pockets as well, that were pretty much hidden. I only found them because I asked the other girl if I could look at her bag!

I cut out the main part of the bag and sewed it together immediately  so I didn't get to add the pockets on the front like I wanted. I picked a zipper out of another bag and added it to this one though, and it isn't exactly pretty but I'm still happy with the way it turned out. It's made from upholstery fabric and left over bits of lace and cotton.

Well, here it is:

Right now the velcro is barely attached, I might as well go back and do a better job of sewing those on. The straps on the flap are also not that pretty... Might as well go back and fix those too! But I'm proud of it, and it's the first thing I've really taken the time and sewn on my machine so far, and I'm happy of the way it turned out. I can deal with all of my wiggly seams! 

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