Feb 11, 2013

What!? FOLLOWERS?!?!?

Now that I KNOW people are reading my blog, it suddenly became a lot more intimidating keeping to what I actually want to blog about! My boyfriend is talking about getting an apartment without waiting for me to find a job, if this happens, there will be an explosion of crafts to be posted about! The reason I don't craft very much here at his mothers is because she has 2 dogs that think that anything is food. Hence, anything and everything is at least slobbered AND chewed on, but I have had many crafts actually digested by these dogs! Imagine having to pick up poop and finding things you've made out in the yard!

For a while, things were also chewed on by mice. That was worse, because those holes aren't as easy to fix... My boyfriends mother decided to put poison blocks around the house because she was afraid the dogs would get hurt by traps... Of course she managed to find places to put the blocks were it was impossible for the dogs to get to them, but the blocks literally took 2 weeks to kill a tiny little mouse! My boyfriend finally bought REAL traps and we caught the last 2 mice within 2 nights, after MONTHS of having them chew on our Ramen and corn bags. (You know, like rice bags... microwave them, they stay warm for a while.)

Anyways, what I randomly felt like talking about were these traps... We got the regular wooden traps that snap down, the sticky traps, then we got some plastic traps. They snap down on the mice like the old wooden ones, but they're super easy to set, and if they snap down on your fingers, it doesn't hurt very much. However, it kills the mice! We caught one in one of these traps and it was definitely dead! I think that these traps should be the more popular ones from now on, simply because they work so well and have less of a chance at hurting other animals and kids.

You just press the back of it down... and then it stays open until something touches the metal rod in the middle (you can see it in the trap in the back... It's black.) Just put some peanut butter on the rod! You can just hold onto the back of the trap in order to keep it open.

This is like, a completely random review of a product, haha, but honestly I would prefer to just have my cat chase them out of the house. However, because of the dogs here, and the possibility that the remaining mice might have already eaten the poison blocks, I decided not to suggest bringing my cat over. Plus, she's never actually dealt with mice, so, I'm not sure if she would even manage to help. So, we got traps. I think that these traps are better than poisoning mice so that they die IN YOUR WALLS...

I'm not a believer of humane traps for mice. Unless we're going to drive out of our way every day we catch some to let them out somewhere else... and we can't afford that. I don't drive, my boyfriend does, but his job has him driving out to the next STATE at least 5 times a week. His job doesn't pay him for gas unless it takes him an hour to get where he is going. Then he is called in to do other jobs that he was not originally scheduled for. Last night he was in a bar celebrating our close friends 21st birthday, and he got called in to do a 12 hour shift. He came home, got an hour long nap, then went to work after being awake since his LAST shift...

There I go ranting again!

Anyways, tomorrow and the next day I should be at my dad's house, where I plan to make some kind of a wrist purse thing, based off of these below:

The girl who made them hasn't posted a tutorial and I checked her profile and it looks like she sells them, but all of her websites are in different languages (Seriously, her blog is in Spanish and her Etsy like web shop is in French!) and they are priced in pounds, like she is in England, plusI don't have the money to spend so I am going to make my own sort of purse thing based on hers. I'm thinking about adding a little loop of elastic to go around one of my fingers like a ring so it's a little more secure, but I just need something out of the way to hold money. 

The reason being, I am going to Radcon this weekend! It's a sci-fi/fantasy convention, there's all kinds of panels to go to and shops and such, and it's in a hotel so plenty of people have rooms to party in (Not that I go to those... I'm still underage and I don't like alcohol anyways). There's a "rave" to go to and there are tons of people who also use the con as an excuse to do some crazy hallucinogens, so it's interesting to see the people and their costumes. There's a group of people who have amazing stormtrooper costumes who go every year, I know a guy who dresses up as spiderman, there's a deadpool sometimes. Last year there was a couple of people in amazing Sephiroth and Cloud costumes, and plenty of my friends have some awesome costumes too. I usually dress as a pirate, however I got a new corset that doesn't really go with anything else but it's green and it came with an ammo belt, so I figure one of the days I'll go as a "survivor" of something. Like a general apocalypse.

Anyways! Enough talking, more planning!

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