Feb 25, 2013

Quick & Easy Potato Wedges

Just wanted to share a delicious recipe I figured out sort of recently.

For 1 person, I usually use 3 red potatoes, one big and two small, but you can also use 2 of a medium size if you don't eat as much.

Cut the potatoes in half. Then cut each half into quarters (wedge shaped), then cut the wedges in half short ways, so they are each half a wedge. Look at the picture below for some help with that description...

Put it all on a plate, then drizzle olive oil over them. Add seasonings, I add pepper, salt, cavenders all purpose spice, and garlic powder.

Mix them around with your hands. Then make sure they are all right side up with the skin down on the plate, then microwave for 8 minutes.

For fry sauce, mix together an equal amount of mayo and ketchup.

Quick and easy! Plus delicious!

Also, I guess it WAS Sunday 2 hours ago, so here goes my 4 happys:

  1. I wore my new corset with a tutu I made a long time ago and they look AWESOME together! 
  2. I had Terriyaki for breakfast. 
  3. I have a great book to read. 
  4. Potato Wedges are amazing. 

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