Feb 13, 2013

Wrist Purses!


I am at my dad's and even though that means dealing with little brothers, it also means I have access to all of my sewing stuff! Including my brand new Singer Simple 3232!!

It's a lovely machine, compared to the old Kenmore of my stepmothers that I have used in the past. Hers requires manually inserting a different object into the machine every time you want to do a different stitch and half the time it doesn't it know you have something in there... Whilst mine has a dial to turn to magically do whatever stitch you want! That it's capable of anyways. It has like 32 different stitches, though, so I'm happy.

Anyways, on to what I actually MADE... I currently only have crappy cell phone pictures because I left my camera at my BFs moms house, but here they are!


Aaaand #2: 

No pictures of them open, but the flaps open up and there's a pocket on the inside. These are both not... well made... The pocket is literally just cut open. No reinforcement. Just a hole. However, I added snap buttons, which I have had forever and didn't have the brains to realize that they indeed came with both the front and back part of the button, and then managed to machine sew the velcro closures onto the back. 

I am amazed that I managed to sew velcro on with the machine. What I did, though, was use my zipper foot, then just sewed on the very outside where there wasn't any hooks or loops. Worked like a dream! My needle didn't break either!

The green purse is for my friend, whose birthday was in January and I didn't have anything for her then. I was all excited about getting my sewing machine at that time so she told me to sew her something. I posted it on facebook for her to see and so far she is really happy with it... I guess my color choice was pretty good, considering what choices I DO have here in my room. I also kind of wanted to do a test run first before doing my own, so hers was the test run! However, hers looks much better than mine.

The second one is mine, and it's made out of super thick stretchy fabric. My. Machine. Hates me. It would almost get stuck in the fabric, and it had a hard time going through it. But it lived, and it still didn't break...

That was all last night. They each took me about 1 hour to do. Today, I made myself an apron! I don't have pictures yet, but I know I will be wearing it tomorrow so you will have to wait until then to see it. I also made heart shaped Reese's for my boyfriend for tomorrow... Valentine's day! I got a mold for chocolate from Micheals, and it's amazing. After putting the chocolate into the freezer, just tipping the mold over was enough for most of them to fall right out! No need for cooking spray or anything! However, the mold is only made for chocolate candies, and nothing else. Although, maybe I could make jello in it...

This weekend is Radcon! Which is what I made both Wrist Purses for. I can't wait! So excited!


  1. Visiting from Sew Darn Crafty. I would love to see the apron too!!

  2. Hi, I'm visiting from Sew Darn Crafty.
    I love your idea, it's very inspiring, I think I'll sew something similar. It would be awsome to see the pocket (an the apron), when you'll reach a camera :)
    I started following you today on GFC; if you want, I'd really be pleased if you visit my brand new sewing/serging blog and, if you like what you see, follow me too :)
    Tx a lot,
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