Feb 9, 2013

How NOT to make potato chips.

So earlier today I decided to follow the instructions I found on multiple sites on how to make homemade potato chips.

I am very glad I only used 1 small potato. Being just out of my teens and never have had the chance to learn how to cook, I used the microwave. This was how all of these tutorials made them anyways, but I always feel like the microwave is just going to give bad results with anything that can be made in another fashion. I read that in order for the chips to be crispy, you have to microwave them until they are browned. I did not read anything about soaking the chips in cold water before microwaving to soak up all the starch.

So, I tried my browned chips and they were burnt. They were disgusting. They had too much salt.

Next time, I'll try the soak in the cold water. If it doesn't work, OMG. Thanks internet for the crap tutorials, but I'll be moving on to using the oven.

Since I'm 20 now and most of my diet consists of ramen noodles, deli meat wrapped in tortillas, and sauteed mushrooms, I've decided that I should start trying to learn how to cook more. I still burn things like grilled cheese, and bacon, but you know, my dad decided at the last moment that I was going to move to another state with him instead of staying with my alcoholic mom, and his new wife didn't really try to be a mother to me. She had her first children with him, so I don't blame her for not doing much more than feeding me and buying me clothes and getting me to brush my teeth. She didn't know how to deal with a 9 year old. I got really depressed after moving and they decided to not get me to do chores around the house, so basically, I'm a woman who doesn't know how to take care of a family or a house.

I'm not trying to rant, or to throw myself a pity party, but what I am trying to do is say that I'm not happy with how I was raised. Plenty of kids would have thought they had the coolest parents ever, but I feel more like I was neglected in the worst way possible. I didn't know how to clean a toilet, or the necessity of cleaning the microwave until I moved in with my big sister for a while. SHE grew up with our mom, who actually cared about teaching us such things. My stepmother, however, doesn't seem to know how to clean things herself. I don't really live with my dad and stepmom anymore but she still refuses to clean "my" bathroom, even though my brothers use it much more often than I do. The toilet is disgusting! The shower walls are permanently stained yellow and gray. I personally feel like she has nothing to be on my back about, because I am trying really hard to find a job, and to at least start learning to cook by myself, and I clean the house here... When I'm told to at least. She has a part time job and lazes about the house EVERY day... My dad has recently taken to asking her if she plans on doing anything after dinner, then gives examples such as mopping, or doing the dishes, or doing laundry...

I really want to be a better stereotypical "woman". I want to cook good meals for my boyfriend, I want a nice house, I want a good job... and I hope that I can do that on my own. I know for a fact that if I had continued living with my mom, even if she IS an alcoholic, I would know a lot more. In fact, I probably would have had a job for the past 4 years and I might be married, because I would be living in North Dakota and my other friend and my family who live there seem to all be married at this age already!

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