Feb 19, 2013

52 Weeks of Happiness and other stuff.

Whoops! I missed my Happiness day, which I've decided will be Sunday. Here's my happy:

  1. My sister came over! 
  2. I got people discounts on corsets! 
  3. I got a new corset myself! 
  4. Food. 
Yes, just food. Not a specific kind of  food. Just food. Because when you wake up, take a nice long shower, and eat something, you just feel fantastic! Clean, awake, full....

Anyways. Radcon was awesome. Even more awesome because my sister came this year! I feel like I didn't get to see all of the vendors... I know I definitely didn't get to look at some of them because the amount of people in the room was just too much.

Some of my favorite vendors were there again this year, and I really hope that I can be a vendor myself there one day. I love buying things from a few select people, and telling them so, because it gives them such a boost of confidence. Damsel in This Dress is run by an amazing woman, and I really try to get every girl I know to buy from her. Once you try on one of her corsets, you're usually done. You just NEED one. That happened to my sister this year. I wasn't sure if she was going to buy a corset but she found the perfect one! Of course, I now have 3, but that really means I have 6 because they're pretty much reversible!

There was another vendor selling corsets this year, the type that lace in the back and hook together in the front. Damsel in this Dress has ones that lace in the front. The 2 types of corsets give completely different shapes to your body though! It's very interesting to see the difference.

Another vendor I love to see is a girl who is in the midst of creating her comic series Story of the Door, the first of which is called Toilet Genie. However, I am more interested in her art. She sells prints (and paintings) and this year pillows and bags with art, a lot of which is MLP and Pokemon fan art, among other movies and such. I now have 3 postcard prints, and one bigger print that I got because I think she's awesome and I also plan to be living in an apartment ASAP, and it would be awesome to have some of her art to hang. She signed it, which made me quite happy, I thought it was funny that she asked if she SHOULD sign it, because of course she should! My BF and I paused before saying "yes" at the same exact time, because it was like, "What? Are you really asking if you should sign your own art? Of course you should!"

There are some other vendors I always buy from, others I buy from every OTHER year somehow, and some that only showed up for one year and never came back. The 2 I talked about above came last year for the first time (as vendors at least) and I was happy to see them again this year. I'm also very happy that I didn't opt to NOT pre-register this year because my BF didn't because of his job. It's a good thing he didn't pay though, because he ended up working his butt off the past 2 weeks without a single day off! He was much too exhausted in the time between shifts this weekend to get $35 worth of time at Radcon.

When I get pictures, I will post them up; I didn't take any myself as my camera just eats batteries and I feel like it's useless to use it sometimes...

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