Apr 6, 2013

Busy week!

I apologize for not posting a lot recently, however, I have some very good reasons!

We have started spring cleaning, and suddenly now that's it's warmer it seems a lot easier to be doing house chores. Especially if they're actually yard work! Everyday there's something to be cleaned because even though the dogs both are short haired (they literally have no hair on their bellies) they definitely still shed A LOT. We could probably vacuum every freaking day! Plus, with the three of us here there's always dishes to be done and laundry. The garage is FILLED with tons of my BFs stuff so he has been told to at least organize it. We bought space bags and so far, I am not impressed with the zippers. The plastic part you grab and pull along the top slides straight off!

I had a job fair to go to on Monday at Work Source, where I had a great interview with Starbucks, however I haven't heard back from them and I never found out which Starbucks they even were, Tuesday I had a volunteer orientation at the Humane Society with a friend, then Wednesday I had an "interview" (that's what I thought it was going to be, at least) at Labor Ready. I didn't know what Labor Ready was, but basically you go there, sign a bunch of paper work, list skills that you have and they call you up when companies call for contract workers. You come in and end up working for a day on someones house or something. I'm basically going to be a "Fire Watch", I'll be walking around a building that shuts down for 2 weeks every year making sure no fires are starting. I'm going to be doing training with fire extinguishers soon, and I've already done some other training.

The job is only for 2 weeks, however I'm getting training and experience so I'm hoping this will lead to more jobs! Or at least 1 more permanent one. SO EXCITING.

Then Thursday I had an appointment. Plus hanging out with friends. Then Friday we drove around doing chores... I have to get steel toe boots for the job. I found some awesome ones that we'll probably go back and get, they're actually womens boots too and crazy comfortable.

I have a yard sale I'm going to participate in next weekend and I hope to sell my huge amount of homemade jewelry. I'm also working on knitting some dice bags to use up some yarn. Here are a couple of those:

Dice Bags
Small and Big Dice Bags

The smaller one I just made, it was all the yarn I had left in that color. Obviously knit on straight needles, it holds about 15 dice if you kind of cram it. The bigger one I knit on DPNs, and can easily hold 30+ dice. I think I like knitting them on straight needles better... It goes faster. However, I actually knit the gray one on circs and just treated them like straight needles because I only have 2 pairs of straight: size 6 US and size 13 US. 

.... Yeah. Big difference... I like the size 9 and 8 circs and DPNs better. 

So I'm hoping to make a few more of those and sell them. I feel like they might sell better than my jewelry so I will try to make a bunch! I might sell a bunch of books as well. I'll have to look through my room... There's probably a dress or two I could sell as well... I'll have to get stickers for some of this stuff. 


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