Apr 11, 2013

Music makes everything better if it's loud enough.

I woke up and no one was here. So I hooked up some speakers and blasted music all day long! It does wonders for me to be able to listen to music that loud.

Instead of making things like I planned to, I ended up cleaning my room. Apparently that's what loud music does to me. It was windy today, and I opened my window. The opening to the attic is in my room, and I learned that the cover isn't very heavy, because I looked up in time to see it lift up as if a raccoon was trying to get out. It was just the wind, but omg I nearly shit myself!

I ended up finding some clothes I don't know what to do with and don't like, so I put those in the box for the yard sale this weekend. I also priced some stuff. The room is still a mess, but it's cleaner than before. In fact I went through some drawers and took all the clothes out and FOLDED them! I usually just cram stuff in because I'm lazy and honestly, my BF will dig through the drawers looking for a pair of socks that doesn't exist and ruin any hard work I've done. But, he doesn't live here at my dads, so I guess I can fold the clothes here. They fit a lot better now.

I also hemmed some pants, which I rarely ever bother doing, but my sister gave me some pants that were actually sized "petite" and they fit perfectly, so I can just put those on top of longer pants and mark where I need to hem at. I also now appreciate having pants that aren't ripped and horrible at the ends! I used to not care ever and actually liked them, but now I realize that wearing pants that are too long DO make you look shorter because of the way they bag at the bottom. I can't stand laying in the bed/chairs at the biomat (where I donate blood plasma) and my pants that are the right, short size ride up and show my mismatched socks. But they always do that when they don't drag on the ground. Annoying. Then again I guess I usually am not laying down when I'm wearing pants. Like public pants I mean... Jeans and stuff.

I ALSO! Fixed up a pair of jeans! They had holes in the thighs. When they started doing that, I stopped wearing them, but I finally took some scrap fabric and sewed it to the inside of the pants, then sewed all over the hole and around the hole with thread that matched the color of the jeans. Sort of. It matches the rest of the jeans, but the inner thighs are worn down to a very light blue/white color now, so it's definitely noticeable when I sit with my legs wide open like a guy. Or a slut. Or just like a regular person because honestly we all sit like that!

I broke a needle. It's the first time I've had to replace the needle in my machine, but it's not the first time I've broken a needle... I was pretty hard on them when I handsewed, too. Here's a pic of the broken needle and a new one, to compare the damage I did:

Sad needle is sad! 

I also FINALLY managed to make a freaking scale maille flower: 

It was unbelievable the problems I had trying to make a flower, any kind of flower, until I found this tutorial. I don't even like it... The rings are so huge, they stick up a lot in the front of the flower. Oh well... It's a flower. I will just deal with it, I guess -.- 

Anyways. That's what I did today... That was crafty, at least. It was a nice productive day! 

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