Apr 1, 2013

School is crap...

Random, but I'm talking about it with a friend and I think that there's just so many things that high school did wrong. There are so many classes that don't do us good when we could have classes that teach basic working skills. EVERYBODY should know how to work a cash register. I learned how to use a industrial dishwasher at a church, helping the boyscouts make chili and corn muffins for the church goers. However, this all should be taught in highschool. I know that in highschool they try to encourage everyone to go to college, but some of us can't get financial aid, can't get through college on just scholarships, and need to get a job.

They have been making students go to a mandatory class in which you are supposed to learn things about getting into college. We had to make resumes (didn't LEARN how to make them in the class, just had to make them to pass Sophomore year) and learned how to fill out a McDonalds Application. Otherwise, we just ended up with a lot of papers, a lot of copies of one paper, that we had to stuff into a binder and keep otherwise we'd get in trouble and not pass, then not graduate. We did almost nothing in that class and yet we had to go every other week for 15 minutes. Why not do something worthwhile in that class?

Yeah, we learn math, and how to spell correctly (some of us do, at least) and some history and about our government. We learn how to type and how to search on Google and how to use word and excell. Now, teach us what we need in order to get a real job. Cash register? Easy. Industrial dish washer? Also easy. How to serve people food? ALSO EASY. This could all be in one class that everyone could take. They could bitch about it not being useful to them specifically, but this way, we could all get jobs because we would KNOW already how to do it.

Also, illegal immigrants would be at more of a disadvantage. Muahaha. Seriously... I'm getting sick of not getting a job when these people who can't speak english or are only 16 years old.

Another thing. I'm shy! I have a really hard time making conversation, and making eye contact. This is just the way I am. I'm now at a huge disadvantage. I'd be best at doing something behind the scenes, like stocking merchandise. At night. However. I try really hard to make conversation, I try really hard to get over the discomfort of looking at people. At least I'm trying, right? I think that school should try harder, too.

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