Apr 8, 2013

Yard Sale Stickers

I'm not going to do the 52 weeks of happiness thing anymore. I just have too much of a problem remembering what was this week and what was last week. Even going back and reading my own posts here on blogger and on facebook. I don't really write down what I do doing the day. If I continue doing it it will be on paper, writing things down as they happen. So I can look through it to give myself a bit of happiness when I'm down, which is a lot, lately. I stopped taking my anti-depressants because they're expensive and recently I have finally started noticing all my negativity coming back. Which is not a plus, but oh well. It was to be expected. I will just have to live with it.

You know what makes me happy? The super clean feeling after a shower. You know what doesn't make me  happy? MY FIRE ALARM. It's beeping at me all day today. This usually means the battery is dead, which is ridiculous because they die 2 times a year but we never have had, you know, A FIRE. What really ticks me off is that it's 11:30 at night, it's beeping like it has been all day, but! There isn't even a battery in it. It's connected to all of the other ones in the house (There is one in every single room except our tiny bathrooms) so it still goes off when all the others do. They're really sensitive and they go off often when we are cooking.

I can hear all of them going off, so it wouldn't be a problem that mine doesn't have a battery because of that, however, the most ridiculous thing is that mine is in my doorway. There is one in the hall about 3 feet away. So, even if mine didn't go off, I can hear the one right outside my door.

I'm sure they do save lives, but when they go off 5 times a week you get really annoyed with these things!

I plan to spend tomorrow morning sewing up some T Shirt purses, and maybe some more wallet gloves to sell at the yardsale this weekend. I really want to make about $50 simply to have a goal, but I think that if I do good I can make more. The thing is, this is a yard sale, where people are expecting really low prices, however some of my jewelry are expensive. I have some necklaces that are $25-30, and I'm not willing to lower the prices for a yard sale because... Well, I made this stuff, and the materials were expensive. I need to make a profit.

I have a bunch of books to price tomorrow that will fit yard sale "standard pricing" as well as some clothes, though, and maybe some other stuff if I look around. I'll probably sell the purses for like $5, since they will all be made out of shirts that were given to me. It's a good idea to get rid of some stuff because I hope to move soon. I've been hoping to move soon for a long time though, however now that I have this job (that will certainly lead to other jobs) I hope to actually move soon. I really would like too. I want my cat allowed to live inside again. She wouldn't let me touch her earlier, and I'm worried that she's already getting to the point of hating me. She'll hate me when I bring her to a new place and never let her outside again, though, so I'm prepared for that. She's just going through "teenage years". She's 5 now!

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