Apr 15, 2013

Yay, my first job!

So I start work tomorrow. I'm scheduled for the next four days, and then the last four days of the outtage I'll be on call. If I go and sit in the parking lot, I'll most likely be called in to work each one of those days. I hope that I can do that, more experience, and more money!

I don't have a car, so I have to go wait at Labor Ready until some guy shows up. I forgot to ask for his phone number, and I didn't say when I was going to be there, so guess who'll be sitting around outside at 5 in the morning? This gal.. Hopefully he'll get there at around 5 instead of 5:30, because I think we're supposed to be there at 5:30, but we're scheduled to START working at 6:00. It's a half hour drive. There's already been some trouble with the way they say to get there at 6 for a class that is listed on our ticket to start at 8, so we all sit around for a while before leaving and when we get there at 7:40 we're yelled at for being late... Whatever... It's not our fault, it's Labor Readys!

I'm not going to post while I'm doing this job. It'll be way to difficult and plus, what am I going to even post about? How I stood around watching some guy weld for 12 hours? Maybe if I end up putting out a fire and saving the whole building. I hear that a lot of fire watch people end up being a semi-celebrity around the building if they put out a fire. Sounds fun, I guess. I'm pretty shy IRL, so... Whatever! I'll just deal with it.

I'm worried that I'm going to end up starving. If I start getting hungry, I get woozy, vomit up bile, and get to the point of passing out. I've never passed out in my life, but I get REALLY freaking close. My boyfriend will go to work for 8 hours and only eat 1 dinky little cup of noodles. I can't just starve myself like that. Plus I can't take cup of noodles because I have to just have stuff I can eat where I'm standing. I can't just be like hey I'm going to take a half hour off! I'm watching people do their jobs in case they don't notice a spark starts a fire. Or if they suddenly fall down a silo and I need to call for the rescue team. I can't just leave, and there's only one me watching them. So, sandwiches and crackers it is, then. Lots of them. Buckets full. Truck loads.

I'm not happy that my first job ever isn't starting with 4 hour shifts...

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