Apr 7, 2013

When is my training!?!?!?

I've been waiting for a call from Labor Ready asking me to come in for my next session of training, but they didn't know when it was and apparently still don't. I don't want to make plans, say, going to volunteer at the Humane Society for a few hours, because they could call anytime and I don't know if they're going to ask me to show up in ten minutes or in the next couple of days.

The actual job doesn't start until the 15th, so I've got a while yet before I'm going to be exhausted all day. They said they couldn't promise us whichever shift we asked for, but I put down night because I'm sure that most people there would like to work during the day. I'm sure that I'll end up with night shifts, so I'm going to end up sleeping until 4 in the afternoon and then it'll be too late to volunteer. I think we are only allowed to volunteer from 8 to 5...

I know that if I call in ahead of time, they still won't know, because that's exactly what they do all the time. Finally find out, immediately call the people involved.

I'm super excited about finally doing something instead of sitting around thinking about cleaning. But not cleaning because I don't like doing stuff when other people are here for some reason.

Today I made a couple more dice bags out of camouflage yarn, and another pair of earrings. I think I'll post a group photo of them all soon, because I need to start thinking about how to display my stuff with a very limited amount of displaying things and no guarantee of a table. I have earrings to figure out, as well as the dice bags, but I have a ton of bracelets and necklaces as well. I'm thinking about piling books into a box and just labeling them all under one price. I want to put the earrings into small ziplock bags attached to cardboard with the price written on the cardboard. The tags I have for other jewelry would work best hanging, but then you would have to take some jewelry off to get to the stuff behind it. Maybe just lay out the bracelets and necklaces, to take up some room on the table. Then I have some Wallet Gloves/Wrist Purses. I might make up some more of those this week, because they're pretty cool and people like them. I'll have to wear mine so people understand what they are. I think I'll treat this as an introduction to doing vendor type stuff! I like the idea of putting like items into a bowl to dig around in, people expect to do some digging at a yard sale anyways. So, we'll see what I come up with this week!

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