Apr 22, 2013

Socks, Work, and Life in General

Whenever I get the song "Shots" stuck in my head, I sing "Socks! Socks, socks, socks socks socks! EVERYBODY!"

Anyways, a friend of mine has an unusual problem. She has too many socks. I personally find that I never have enough socks. My boyfriend has even less socks than I do, but that's because I get cute ones at Hot Topic and Spencers and he prefers just plain old Hanes.

So, what to do? Well, I suddenly thought earlier today, "Why don't I just look up a list of things to do with socks?" So I did. I found a perfect one, so here it is; I'm not going to sit here and repost half of what is already on this one page.

Work was.... Boring. A nice guy named Ceaser drove me to and from work, as he was working there as well and probably lived somewhat near by. I finally found out where the damn place was: In a completely different town than where I live. It was a 20-30 minute drive there. So, I found myself waking up at 4:30 in the morning, to get to this place before 6:00. When we scanned in with these little cards, that was when they started paying us. When we scanned out, they stopped. So, everyone was either trying to leave on time or they were trying to stay as late as possible. There was one guy who would get there at 5 and leave at 7. 14 hour days! I couldn't possibly do that. 12 hours was more than enough, although I got a few more hours than that the few days I worked.

It was only a temporary job, and technically I'm still on call until Wednesday, but I consider myself to be done because they try NOT to call people in...

Basically, I watched some guys throw some equipment in some holes at each other, then some other guys welding. I had to sit around with a fire extinguisher for the remote possibility of a fire starting. Why was it remote? Fires rarely start around this place. Yes, it's a paper mill, yes, there's wood chips, sawdust, and wood lying around, but everything is kept wet. So that fires don't start.

If you're caught smoking anywhere near the premises, you're fired on the spot.

Now that that's done, I have a possible job opportunity working as a vet assistant! Only 3 days a week, but that's okay with me, it's not only a job, it's a job doing something I would like to do! Maybe... MAYBE with donating blood plasma (which can net me about $240 a month) and doing jobs at Labor Ready, (I have no idea how much that will get me) we can move out. We can GTFO. I want to live in my own place, taking care of it, decorating it, coming home and having to clean and cook and only maybe having time for crafting... At least I will be busy. (Just joking... of course I will have time for crafting!)

Anyways. I've had a couple of days to get rid of this constantly tired all day from the long hours, and I plan on crafting again soon. I only have my chainmaille here, but we brought a bookcase over from my dads and there's space in the room for my jewelry making stuff which will be good to have because my BFs mother has some things she'd like me to fix. Plus it's nice to change what I'm working on because I have that ability too. I could finish off my sweater, I'm almost halfway done with it! However it's starting to get hot and it's kind of stupid to make myself a sweater now... However I won't let myself knit anything else until it's done, and that means either finishing it now or not knitting until it gets cold again!

Now that I'm used to sleeping during the night, I'm super sleepy at 9:41 PM. This is not how I work! Oh well.

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