Apr 13, 2013

Oh training. Of course.

So my training was, of course, during the first day of the yard sale. Seriously. Every other day of my entire LIFE I'm not doing anything, and training had to be scheduled on one of these two days.

I have this issue sleeping when I know I have to wake up early. So of course, I don't sleep. I get up at 5:20, get ready, walk to Labor Ready, where I find out that even though we were supposed to get there at 6:00, the training class is supposedly starting at 8:00! So we all kinda stand around for a while, before we all decide to leave anyways. Then one guy stops at his house to grab some trail mix because it's a 5 hour class and when he comes in, we're all there and the instructor says "Well, thanks for being on time!"

We're all like, ".......uh. The thing says... This starts in another half hour..."

Well we tried too, but the instructor just started talking to himself about how there's supposed to be 12 of us, but the ticket we brought only said there was 9 of us, but 10 of us came....

Well the class was enlightening. I learned a lot. Like what I'm actually going to be doing... Sitting outside of a confined space, watching people inside of it working... Calling about emergencies. Etc.

The yard sale was a flop, for me at least. I made $10 the first day, but I gave that to my friend to pay her back for something she kept forgetting about, then I figured more people would come today but no... I made 25 cents. I had planned on using this money for some goddamn work clothes, and this is what happens? I made more money when I wasn't there! I saw a lot of people looking at my clothes, but they put them all down. I didn't have any prices on them, and a lot of people felt awkward when we told them to make an offer on things that weren't priced, so I put masking tape on them and wrote something in. Still no takers...

I, however, obtained a nice comfy recliner for $10! It's pink, which I'm not fond of, but it's fine. I can throw a blanket over it. Or just not care. I didn't even pay, I asked my dad to get it for me. I know I shouldn't try to collect things for moving out yet, but this was a deal! There was also a couch, but honestly it was fugly and I didn't think it was that comfortable... But it ROCKED! Like a rocking chair! Which was awesome. Some one bought that because couches always go.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the things that didn't sell. I don't need all those books anymore, I have a Nook Color. The clothes I just don't wear and don't know what to make out of them, especially the silky-ish dress. I tried getting rid of my dice bags, which I literally knit a bunch of them FOR the sale... No one bought my jewelry, but I expected that because it was all full price, not yard sale price. I bet it all would have gone if it was $1 each though. In fact, I should have done that for some of it, and laid it all out instead of having it all nice on the jewelry hangers. Oh well. I can sell it for full price somewhere else!

Anyways. That was my weekend. Maybe I can work on more stuff that isn't going to sell now.

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