Mar 31, 2013

Spring is finally here.

Will spring stay here is the question! For the past few days however, it has definitely decided to stick around. I feel my spirit rising everyday, and the dogs are happier too because the back door has been left open a lot longer each day. They are definitely less annoying. I get tired every time I venture outside though, which is really annoying...

Tomorrow I'm going to a job fair at worksource, dressed up and with a bunch of resumes... and on Tuesday, I'm going to orientation at the Humane Society to volunteer there. I'm allergic to Guinea Pigs, so I feel like I might be needing some Benadryl(sp?) in my near future. I know that they deal with small animals like that, because I've seen Guinea Pigs there before.

I had a crazy dream last night about working there... Everyone had roller blades on, because we needed to do things so fast that walking wouldn't work. If I can't get a ride there, I might have to take the bus there and there's a 20 minute walk from the nearest bus stop to the building. If it's clear of debris, I might roller blade from the bus there. That would entail hauling them around though, and that's annoying. They can get pretty heavy and awkward.

I really want to start going to school soon. I'm already 20, and there's kids from my pre-vet tech class who are already at the university I plan to go to. I need to start! All I need is a job. And to move out and live somewhere that I won't feel stressed all the time, dealing with things like DOGS. I swear, I can't imagine what it's going to be like when I'm busy and end up having kids. If I have such a problem with a couple of dogs what am I going to be like with a baby? Well, I'm not going to know that until years from now anyways. That's one thing I don't have to stress about.

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