Mar 11, 2013

52 weeks of happiness and another hat.

So I missed my 52 weeks of happiness day again, but only by 3 hours. I haven't been keeping track of things that make me happy throughout the week, so sometimes I feel like I'm talking about stuff that happened maybe last week. I don't really know. Without school or a job to keep things in perspective for me, I have a hard time thinking of what day stuff happened on. Actually, I had trouble with that during school as well.


  1. 3 year anniversary!
  2. My bf and I managed to have a Residents Evil marathon finally. 
  3. I learned a movie is coming out based on a book called "The Host"
  4. I finished making my tutu. 
No pictures of the tutu yet, but here is an in progress picture of the hat I'm currently knitting for a friend:

It's going to be a viking hat. It'll have a stripe going all the way up the front and down the back. Not sure how it's going to look when I decrease the rows... Probably stupid. I haven't figured out how to do the horns yet, but here's a quick and dirty tutorial on how to knit a hat on size US 9 circular needles: 

For an adult male, cast on 88 stitches. For a female do 80. You want it to be a multiple of 4. 

Do 2x2 ribbing for 3 inches. 

I haven't done the math for 80 stitches, but for 88 stitches, do the first 10 stitches in the contrasting color (In my case red) then do the next 34 in black. Another 10 in red, then the rest black. Continue that all the way through the hat until it's about 2 inches shorter than you want the finished hat to be. 

Start decreasing, I haven't gotten to this part yet and I probably won't until later today, but I've learned the way to decrease is to start out knitting 5, the knit 2 together, continue all the way across, then knit a row regularly. The next row, knit 4, knit 2 together. Until you have a few stitches left then bind off and finish the hat off. 

For those of you used to reading knitting patterns: 

Size US 9 circular needles
Yarn in main and contrast color.

CO 88
2x2 ribbing in CC for 3 inches
K 10, switch to MC and k 34. Switch to CC and k 10. Back to MC and k 35. Continue until 2 inches from top of hat. 
Row 1 of decrease: k5, k2tog, repeat. 
Row 2 of decrease: k
Row 3 of decrease: k4, k2tog, repeat. 
Row 4 of decrease: k

and so on and so forth until you have only a few stitches left. 
BO and slip the tail through the remaining stitches and pull tight. 

When I figure out the horns, I will try to make the most clearest knitting pattern EVER, because so far I've found patterns that don't make sense. Or are crocheted. My bf keeps trying to convince me that no one ever knits beanies and they are all crocheted, but he just doesn't know how to use Google correctly. There are tons of pretty knit hats out there! 


Here's another in progress picture, I've got quite a few more inches on it. 

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