Mar 18, 2013

Woot, gettin' things done.

I knitted up the horns last night for the Viking hat, now to figure out how to do the beard. If I can finish it tonight, I can give it to my friend tomorrow. Let's hope! The picture is a little... bright, or something. I didn't really take the time to position the hat so the horns were even, but they're much more even than the picture looks! 

My sweater is coming along great! I'm much farther than I've ever gotten on any other clothing-type knit I've tried doing in the past... Not that any of those ever got finished. It's the same colors as the hat, obviously. It should be past my boobs now, and I'm working on the decreases for some shapely-ness. If anyone would like to try this pattern, I've started up a Knit Along here on Craftster, where I'm posting in progress pictures and you can too! 

I had a picture of a bracelet, but it didn't turn out too well. The camera I'm using doesn't have a very high quality screen, so I can't tell if the picture is clear or not until it's uploaded onto the computer. Well, the picture of the bracelet didn't turn out clear, sadly. But it's okay. It was just a bunch of random beads anyways. Just different beads than before. I should be more creative anyways! I wanted to show you something finished. Most of my projects right now are taking a while to finish, but at least now I can show you some work! 

On to 52 Weeks of Happiness: 

  1. I am almost finished with the Viking Hat! 
  2. My sweater is turning out, instead of being another UFO/frogged. 
  3. I have a camera to use!
  4. I've actually been able to make some crafty things this week!.
Unhappiness: My chainmaille is still in Minnesota. I've been looking up the cities it's been in and it's taking the most ridiculous route EVER. It went from somewhere in Canada close to Washington, to somewhere near the Great Lakes. It hasn't moved since Friday... But Monday is almost over, here, and in Minnesota. It should have at least gone somewhere today. Meh!

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