Mar 30, 2013

Stuff I want to do

So, my hands are still killing me. I guess I went a little overboard with crafting. So, I've been reading and playing Harvest Moon. This is making me sad, because taking care of chickens and cows in a virtual reality isn't good enough. I want my future dairy cow, and my future small backyard flock of chickens. I can only hope I end up living at a place where I can have a cow and chickens as soon as possible.

While giving my hands a rest, I figure I'll post some inspiration and post some pictures of things I would like to do when I start crafting again. I have a yard sale that I'm selling homemade things at in about 2 weeks, so I'll have to start soon!

As a side note, I went to my BFs brothers wedding today. His OTHER brother got married a few months ago. I personally feel too young to get married, but at the same time I think it would be cool that we all got married within the same year. It isn't going to happen though... I also feel that we should be out on our own before we get married, and we haven't quite managed that yet.

On to inspirations:
knitted slippers
Knitted Slippers

I've actually started making these. However, I have to unravel them in order to make my sweater, which I haven't worked on since I ran out of the first ball of yarn, and probably won't until after the yard sale. So, I'll have to restart these. I've been wanting knit slippers/shoes for a while now, and these seem the easiest to start with.

Easy Car Seat Cover
Easy Car Seat Cover

Here's another thing I've STARTED... but need to finish. I cut a blanket in half and made a small hole to go over the top of the headrest, but I need to line them with something stiff like a thick towel so that they don't just pile up in the middle of the seat. My BF has leather seats, so during the winter he was freezing while he was at work, and now that the weather is warming up, they're going to be HOT. I hate leather seats... It was just the car we found that fit his requirements and the budget. Yeah, they're luxurious  but my god what other function do they serve? They burn you! Literally! 

DIY gift bags
DIY gift bags

I'm thinking I could make some of these for the yardsale, to package up the jewelry. As well as use tissue paper to wrap them up in. Good idea? Yes? No? Yes? 

Anyways. I'm surprised I can't find anything else, but I just cleaned out my bookmarks haha. Well, I can't overload you with tons of pictures and inspiration then. 

As a side note, I just ordered a Square... That little thing you use to take credit cards? I don't have an ipad, iphone or ipod though. However... I do plan to eventually get an Ipod Touch though. So, I can see if I can just borrow other peoples phones/pads/pods while I'm at the yardsale. It'll route it back to my account I believe. If not I plan on keeping track of what I sell anyways.

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