Mar 14, 2013

Long Shipping Times and how to deal with them.

I've been whining and bitching about my chainmaille order being late. Mostly on facebook though. But still.

I finally posted on their Facebook last night, and they posted "Your order shipped on Monday the 11th. You ordered on Thursday the 7th. So it left here in the correct amount of time. You can find your UPS tracking info in the "My Account" area of our site. I don't see anything late about it."

I found out there's a delay shipping to the U.S., not on the website itself but somebody else's complaint on their Facebook. That would have been really nice to know BEFORE I ordered from that site. I wondered why exactly it was so much for shipping... the package is less than 1 pound. I still think the shipping price was pretty extravagant. Especially now that the package isn't going to be here in any time close to what I was expecting.

The thing is, the cheapest shipping was specified as "7 day shipping". For a website to give that option, they have to ship the stuff out in a way that will get the package to you in 7 business days. If it was just a generic cheap shipping without specifying how many days it took, I would have safely assumed 1-2 weeks. But no. I ordered it expecting it at my house in 7 business days.

So how am I dealing with not having my chainmaille magically transported to me to make me happy with my tall expectations? By constantly looking at chainmaille online. Hey, that weave is pretty! That one makes me wish I ordered rubber rings. That would be a cool project to take on in the future! Blah blah blah!

How else am I dealing with it? Knitting.

Another distraction: I got an eye exam and should be getting new glasses soon! Possibly before my chainmaille even gets here! I got these really pretty frames, because all of a sudden it sounds like my insurance pays for nice frames and crappy lenses. At least I got scratch resisitant. The glasses I'm wearing now have a HUGE crack in them, scratches, as well as the anti-glare coating is peeling off, interestingly enough. I wouldn't have known that except for the doctor telling me so. I just assumed it was also scratches.

My new glasses. Are going to be amazing. Compared to wearing glasses that aren't my prescription. Plus the pretty frames. They have like, flowery shapes on the sides. It'll be fun to wear. Yay. New stuffs.



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