Mar 21, 2013


Yay, so my chainmaille arrived! Can't wait to get down to business with this stuff:

Since I'm home for a little bit (not sure if for a couple of minutes or an hour or two) I think I will get started on going through some baby clothes to see if I can make a quilt. There's some family problems going on at my house so when I got here I pretty much left straight away, and haven't gotten anything done for the 2nd week in a row. Oh well, I've been knitting pretty much the entire time anyways. I tried on my sweater last night, the body is about halfway done. I've finished with the first hank of black yarn and have to wait until I can add the second one. I hope I can finish the sleeves with only the 2 balls of yarn that I have.

Now that I've got my chainmaille, I hope to power through it pretty quickly, but actually sell some pieces off before I need to order more. I might go back to the other website even though it's more expensive, at least they're not shipping from Canada.

Sorry for the small break in between posts, but as I said, family problems, so I went to a friends house who doesn't really have internet. Sometimes she does, but mostly she doesn't. Not entirely sure how that is. But whatever. I knitted and tried to help clean. and traded beads.

I've learned recently that the best way to get a good selection of beads is to trade some off with other people. I'm rather happy with what I've got in return, and happy to get rid of some of the beads that I had a LOT of. It all works out pretty good. Especially when it turns out like this:

"Oh, I really like those beads!"
"Well, I don't really know what to do with those, so you can pretty much have them all. Oo, those are awesome!"
"I don't ever use those, so take what you want of them!"

Yeah. Anyways. CRAFTING TIME!!!

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