Mar 27, 2013

Dice Bag Prototype

After I FINALLY finished the boxchain choker I made the mistake of deciding to make (It just took SO LONG!) my hands hurt in the exact positions the pliers would rest against so I decided to try knitting a prototype dice bag. I want it to be rather small, although the one I just finished comfortably carries 30 dice and could carry more. I just wanted it smaller than the gargantuan tentacle bag I made from the tutorial here. I'm glad I made it full size, because it's been put to good use; it carries not only dice, but lots and lots of little characters we use in our d&d campaign. The bag is starting to fall apart, though, which makes me sad because it's huge, took forever to make, and I don't have anymore yarn to use for it.

Anyways, here's the bag I made today (Please ignore the color, it was all I could find at my dads):

Knit Dice Bag
Ugly pink prototype dice bag

I want the bottom to be more flat, otherwise I'm pretty happy with the shape and size. I just braided some yarn together for the drawstring, but I could pretty that up as well. I'm thinking I might just knit it longer and then pull all the stitches together at the bottom without actually decreasing might look better. Any thoughts on that? I'm pretty bad at decreasing. 

Here's the boxchain I finished today. 

Boxchain Choker, Chainmaille
Boxchain Choker

It's adjustable from 15 to 17.25 inches, and took tons of rings. I used a heavy duty lobster clasp to finish it. It's for sale for $30. It doesn't look that long in my hand, but it's hanging down a little bit behind my hand. If only I could get a few more good pictures of it, and then I could put it up on Etsy. Which I plan on doing eventually! 

I applied to volunteer at the Humane Society. It didn't ask for any experience to list, but it asked about allergies, so all they really got was my name and the fact that I'm allergic to Guinea Pigs. I hope they overlook that and contact me, because I took the pre-vet tech class at Tri-Tech and I did an amazing internship last summer. I already know that they deal with Guinea Pigs because the few times I've been there they had some. So, really... I could be conned out of VOLUNTEERING... At which point I may just have to kill myself, because I obviously am a waste of space if I'm not good enough to just volunteer. I'm not serious, but that would just kill me! I have given wild birds intramuscular shots, tubed them, caught and restrained them, cleaned their crap, bottle fed deer (and was consequently beaten nearly to death by their hoofs) and much more. I think I'm qualified to handle some dogs and cats after just the pre-vet tech class. Especially since they will take 14 yr olds as volunteers. All I want is experience by this point! 

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