Mar 2, 2013

So the Love Coupons...

While I was looking for ideas for usable Love Coupons, I read a lot about people who had made them and their boyfriend/husband never used them, or they were afraid to make them because they thought that they would never be used. Well, my bf has used 2 of them so far, and I'm pretty proud of myself for choosing ones that he likes!

As a recap, here are the coupons I made for him:

  • Sweets for my Sweetie: I will make/buy your craving ASAP when you present this coupon
  • Ice Cream on Me: I will buy you ice cream
  • Movie and Popcorn: A movie out, all on me
  • GOOD Homemade Dinner: You must have an idea of what you want for dinner, but I will make everything except meat
  • Picnic Planned by me: I will plan a picnic to be enjoyed wherever you want
  • Chocolate Covered Fruit: I will hand dip fruit in chocolate for you
  • Craft made ASAP: Any reasonable craft you want made ASAP
  • Dress me up: Pick out my outfit 
  • Bonus Your Choice: Whatever you want

Anyways, he has used the Craft Made ASAP for a blanket, and the Sweets for my Sweetie for pudding. The Sweets for my Sweetie has unlimited use, the Craft Made ASAP has 3 uses, and I believe the Ice Cream on Me was a 3 use too. I KNOW that he is going to use the Ice Cream one... He loves Ice Cream. The Dress me up coupon somehow got lost, so he doesn't have that one. That, the picnic and fruit are the ones I felt like he might not use anyways, but I wanted him to have a decent selection. He might not use the movie one, either, but he has a job and I don't. So, that's kind of understandable. However, one of the movie theaters around here has super cheap prices on movies that start between 4:00 and 5:30. It's like, $5.50 for a ticket. Instead of $9-11. Which is awesome. Except it's at the crappiest movie theater.

I live in the Tri-Cities, which is pretty much 3 towns all right next to each other, and there's like 2 theaters in each town. At least! So. Yeah.

Anyways, just wanted to say that if you pick out good ideas that personally suit your boyfriend/husband (Or your girlfriend/wife... I've never seen Love Coupons for girls though) then they might use them! I was doubtful of my bf using them until I thought of ideas that I knew he would like.

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