Mar 16, 2013

Happy St Patrick's Day

I originally planned on making some kind of themed sweet for Patrick's Day, but Dairy Queen is doing some buy one blizzard get one for 99 cents. I think that's more than good enough.

Corned beef and cabbage for dinner tonight and tomorrow, both times fresh! Delicious. Although I starved all day because we didn't know when we would be having dinner. It was worth the wait.

It was good to have another nice homemade dinner. Those aren't too common for me these days, seeing as I still hate cooking and I avoid it like the plague, but we just got a bunch of red potatoes. I made some pretty good mashed potatoes for New Years, and I was thinking about trying that again. But I definitely want to try making potato chips again, and also stuffed potato skins. I'm aware that red potatoes aren't the best for some of these, but they're good anyways. Right?

Another recipe I want to try soon is stuffed mushrooms. I love mushrooms. I usually saute them up in bacon grease and drown them in garlic powder. As long as they are cooked I can't get enough of them. I have plenty of friends who aren't interested in even seeing mushrooms. I hope to change that, honestly. They can be pretty disgusting if they aren't cooked right, or if they're raw...

Anyways. I'd like some (cheaper) ideas for a beginner cook. I like having a real dinner but I prefer using the microwave. I have no problem using a stove and an oven, but I end up burning things easily.

I am picky, though.

I hate chewing lettuce. I hate oats. I don't do spicy. I don't like fish except tuna and salmon. I hate coconut. There's tons more but those are the basics. I don't eat enough vegetables, I think. Although I believe that will change when there will be an abundance of tomatoes in the summer.

So if anyone has any ideas on easier recipes for me to try, I'm all ears. If there's something in it that I listed that I don't like, I can leave it out unless it's integral to the recipe. I'm trying to find recipes myself. I just... Usually end up finding things that taste good but AREN'T good, you know? It's like trying to eat healthy at McDonalds.

Any and all help will be appreciated!

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