Mar 25, 2013

More and more and more chainmaille!!!

So I don't think I'm going to be able to make scaled dice bags until I've got more than 100 scales of each color. I calculated the number of stitches on size 9 needles for a dice bag (I'm trying out 35) and I can't imagine being able to make a nice one with only 3 layers of scales. I'm pretty sure that's going to be a small dice bag as well, so with bigger ones it'll take way more. I REALLY wish that I could find a local company that made scales for scalemaille!

So, instead, I'm making another dragon. This is going to be the last one until I get more 1/2 inch ID rings, which I can probably get at Micheals. Here is the beginnning of this second dragon:

Chainmaille, Dragon
Red and Black this time

I have red scales, so I figured I should make a dragon that matched with red rings as well. The first dragon is silver, green, black, and gold. Colors, that is. The silver is aluminum and the gold is jewelry brass. It's also extremely light... Like less than 1/8 of a pound! I showed it to my dad and he was amazed when he picked it up. The bracelets I make out of aluminum always scare me because I feel like they can fall off without me noticing the sudden weight loss on my wrist. 

I'm working on a boxchain choker now: 

Boxchain, choker, chainmaille
Only a little over 5 inches here. 

My hands are starting to hurt, so I'm taking a break. I also sewed today, but all I did was add a decorative stitch along the bottom of a skirt. It's a tiered skirt, with the bottom tiers being REALLY long, so it took absolutely forever to sew all the way across. I ran out of bobbin thread 9 inches before I finally finished T.T omg, I thought I was going to flip a bitch at that point. 

This weekend I also finished cutting out all the 5 inch squares I could out of all of the onesies and other baby clothes I could from a friend. I'm going to make her a quilt out of them, so she can keep them. Or rather, her kid... The quilt isn't going to be big enough for my friend. If I sewed it together now, it'll be about 31 inches square... That's small even for a baby blanket! I'm going to have a border all around each of the squares, but it'll still be pretty small, so. But that's just fine with me, because it's going to be the first quilt I actually make (the first one I started cutting up needs more squares then I can get so I'll have to wait until I get more coordinating fabric for it).

Looking at the boxchain, I'm thinking about making some chainmaille snakes. I got the chainmaille to make jewelry and I'm stuck making animals! Oh well... They'll probably sell better. I hope I can just sell them somewhere local, because I'm starting to really hate the idea of shipping. 

Yesterday I did like, NOTHING at all, because I figured my BF would pick me up. Well, that never happened... Nor did it happen today, so, I guess I should fill my time somehow. I really wanted to donate plasma today though. Oh well. 

Bonus picture; I was looking around for my cat and couldn't find her. Meow? Meow!?!? *rustle rustle* ?? *look down* Of course. Playing with my yarn, which I had stashed in my purse so it wouldn't roll around. She's actually laying on top of the ball itself here: 

Silly Kitty.

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