Mar 9, 2013

Mosquitoes are definitely here for the warm months.

I've been seeing plenty of mosquitoes these past couple of days, and I now know that the bites I had on my face a while ago were in fact mosquito bites. I just couldn't believe it... It's too early for them to be out!

We usually don't have a mosquito problem here were I live because the city blows its budget on finding and killing the eggs and larvae. I personally think this is a worthy thing for money to be spent on, but the past couple of years we have been taking money away from fire prevention and using it for fire fighting. Thus there were more fires that couldn't be prevented, so we had to take MORE money away from fire prevention...

The dogs here whine until we open the door, then one will go outside while the other sits halfway out the door, preventing us from closing it. During the summer we leave the door wide open all day and sometimes even all night for them. They hate the winter much more than we do. So that's how I got mosquito bites on my face... It's so cold inside that everything else is covered. It's unbelievably annoying to have to deal with dogs who want to go outside every 5 minutes... Especially when they just want to go out for 30 seconds then hope we went back to the living room so we won't close it right away.

I now have a bite on my wrist. I used to scratch them furiously, but I've finally grown up enough to just ignore the itch. When I figured out I was scratching bites on my face, I stopped and they went away almost immediately. It's amazing what ignoring some things can do. If only I could just ignore the dogs. Especially when I'm sleeping.

The only good thing about mosquitoes is the fact that they mean warmer weather is on it's way, which is the biggest reason I'm talking about them.

On another note, my chainmaille should arrive on or before Thursday. I'm hoping for before, because then I will be at home to receive it. Then I can start working on it! I'm not getting my hopes up though... The website I ordered from seems to be taking their sweet time packing my chainmaille. I am used to websites saying that my order will be delivered within 7 days but getting it in 3 or 4 days. Well, it's already been 2 days and they haven't even packed it. The website said it had plenty of what I was ordering already in the bags of however much I was getting. So all they really need to do is print some stuff and put it in a box. I don't really know how companies really go about packing their stuff, so I shouldn't whine about it, but I want it now! So I can start making dice bags and such.

Today was my bfs and mine 3rd anniversary! (I have no idea how to word that correctly.) We watched the first 3 Resident Evil movies, went to the gym, and went to Sonic for some slushes. We had to stop after the 3rd movie because he had to head to work. I got him a stuffed sheep! He is more excited about having sheep than having a dairy cow or a small flock of chickens like I am. Oh well!

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